Adjustable glassing standing ideas


I noticed on JCs glassing video that they used glassing stands that adjusted up when tucking the laps. Roger Brucker also used in his video a barbers chair base and build his racks on top. Anyone have any pictures, plans or ideas of adjustable glassing stands. i’d love to see different ideas…



I already posted mine a while ago. It’s powered by an electro-pneumatic column. Here’s the link to the video:


Now thats bad ass! "Electro-pneumatic column??" Can you elaborate a little more on how you put this together. That could be the most valuable player in my shop. Super job!!!


OK, this is a general view of the thing:



As you can see, at the bottom right of the picture is a small motor which compresses oil into the flat part lying on its left. from this pump, oil goes through a flexible and powers the vertical column in the center:



(Here shown in the higher position)


There is a foot pedal for actioning the device when your hands are full of resin (on the far right):



The thing is adjustable for short or long blanks. Here, a twelve footer:


Thanks as always for the help Balsa. I will start doing my homework of putting this together. Im sure I'll be PMing you questions.

Thanks again,


Great craftmenship, Balsa

Thanks, Truepark, but I actually only designed the thing. I couldn’t for the life of me weld two metal parts together so I made a friend a new board for free and he in turn welded everything together for free…