Adjusting surf flippers

I bought these LEBLON fins from the guy who runs Garage Handplanes in Avalon, Sydney.

They’re best flippers because they have a huge blade with side runners, the foot pocket is generous and soft and the heel strap is thick and sturdy.

 Only problem is that it’s 2 sizes too big. 

I could pack the toes but that would pull my foot out of the pocket so I decided to beef up the heel strap to push my foot into the foot pocket.

i laminated several strips of black EVA and cut them to fit on the inside of the heel straps.

 Then wrapped the insert and heel strap together with a strip of yellow EVA on each side.

 Now they fit and float better. Sadly LEBLON stopped making these fins but they give so much thrust in one kick.

Very resourceful. 

All the best

Just putting scraps together to make something useful Greg. I tend to do that to everything I own.



What kind of adhesive are you using to bond the EVA to the fin’s rubber?

Are the Leblons one size fits all?


Hi Bill, the Leblon fins come from Rio via Malaysian rubber, they’ve got several sizes and I love the stiff blade and hydrodynamic design. They put out a lot of punch if you’ve got strong legs. And doing a double dolphin kick underwater gets you flying along. The Leblon guys are into heavy duty massive wave bodysurfing, and hard core water survival skills, tying a bag over your head and dropping you in the surf type of crazy.

I’m using a waterproof rubber adhesive on the EVA, if it fails it’s an easy fix. Epoxy resin works really well on EVA as long as you don’t want too much flex.