Adjusting Surfboard Weight

My boards are coming out on the light side. I use a supergreen 10-1Y blank with 2 6oz layer deck, and 1 6 oz bottom.

Are there non-obvious ways to make your board heavier without incurring more cost to your surfboard?

These are the ones I’ve tried:

use denser blank - same cost but longer wait because mitch’s shop stocks mostly supergreens

same number of layers but use heavier cloth from 6 to 8 oz - more expensive

any help would be appreciated. Thanks

You can add wood - extra or wider stringers, tailblocks, noseblocks…not only adds well-balanced weight but is cheap, easy, beautiful, and functional…

Don’t squeegee the lam coat nearly as much…can add 2 lbs. easily. That’s what’s on the floor around the glassing stands.

You could also go with 2x 6oz on the bottom or maybe a six and a 10 oz on the deck. Don’t wring the resin out of the glass so much. A little extra weight in a longboard is a good thing, helps with the glide.

  1. sometimes Mitch’s will have a classic weight blank in the shop that someone ordered custom, but didn’t pick up because, e.g. they ordered natural rocker instead of Frye rocker. “orphan” blank = Heavier board w/ no delay.

  2. Usually the wait for a custom blank is not too bad, just order the classic foam and wait a while, instead of adding extra resin or something along those lines. Extra weight = stronger board.

  3. Add a deck patch. Extra weight = strength

  4. Fabric inlay. Extra weight = beauty

  5. wood, abalone inlays in deck = looks nice

  6. Nose & tail blocks. Make 'em yourself. Purty!