Advice for Sanding FCS Plugs

Any advice for sanding FCS plugs down? I’ve heard stories of the plugs shrinking from the heat of sanding. Would it be wise just to try to hand sand with a block and a lot of elbow grease? What grit sandpaper. Thanks for your help!

don’t hand sand 'em. use a fifty grit disc on a hard back, take it slow, when you get close to the board, switch to a hard or medium sanding pad and take 'em down. just switch between plug sets to prevent overheating. if you do heat them up, just tape off the plug tops when you’re finished sanding and apply a coat of resin over them. works like a champ!

hit them with 50 grit grinding disc and then go to 60 to get them flush with the board that way when you start to sand with 120 you can just take out the scratches. oh yeah, dont forget to screw in those screws!!!

What do you mean, put in the screws. After sanding or before sanding. I would think they would come out until I sand the plugs flush with the board. Is that correct?

no, just screw them all the way in and then grind them. you can take them out but i think thats a little more work than you need to do. just dont grind them with them sticking out. then youll have to find 6 new screws.

I use a modified router to take the plugs almost all the way down to the top of the board. Then I finish them with a medium power pad. The router takes TONS of time off sanding and does a nice clean job. No heat up of the plug or board. This is also a life saver on fin boxes!