Advice needed for boards to use in Indo

Hi there,

Firslty, Cheers to the swaylocks memebers that helped me with a few things I had come up while shaping my 2nd board the board came up real nice looking. I was trying to make something in between 6’3 semi fish I usually ride and a regular shortboard. I was a little bit dissapointed when I took it out for the first time waves were decent about head high good banks got a nice right hander that walled up down the line and immediately noticed a lack of hold particularly around the front of the rail I’m guessing the board is too thick and the rail profile is too fat. (Its amazing how much you really notice about the board when you get it in the water for the first time. even when paddling and duck diving it just felt like there was too much foam)

So firstly any thoughts on this would be appriciated.

Also I am going to surf Indonesia for the first time this season and am stuck trying to think of what boards to take. I was kinda hoping the board I have just finished would be good but after that first wave i knew it would not do. I would like to take my semi fish but am given the impression that a board like this is a waste of time on the more hollow and powerful waves of indonesia.

What are some reccomendations for a short board around 6’4 (tail shape, rails bottom, contours etc) Also I am thinking about trying to get something around 6’10 I would like something that can handle bigger waves and hold on a steep face well but also being fairly easy to ride/ catch waves etc. Is it most usual for a step up board to have a Vee throughout?

Thanks very much Im always pleasantly surprised by what I learn from reading this forum

Also may help

im mid twenties 6 ft 3, 190 pounds relatively fit intermediate surfer used to surfing more rolling type waves my main board I ride is 6’3 x 21 x 2’'1/2 swallow tail thruster which I feel is a bit big for me nice and easy to catch waves and ride but I feel I could definately handle less volume.

I will be trying a few boards ive got around the place this week to help get my quiver sorted


take your best padler unless you like being a spectator

the reason i say this is because i surf hollow waves alot. all spots that have waves of consequence have a select few people that have it wired to perfection they will push the peak so deep u will wonder if it is at all possible to make freefall drops into a surging barrel over shallow reef. indo from what i hear, is crowded full of aussies ( who all rip like pros) brasilians who hassle like mtha fckers. and indo locals. these guys will have the peaks loaded tighter then a nuns…

get a board that you can surf all day .paddle long distances and get you in early. as big as you can comfortably fit into a barrel. i would say 6 7 to 7 2

Howdy Darius,

What sort of waves are you hoping/intending to ride?

How much moving around are you gonna be doing?

If you’re doing a boat trip, take 3 boards; fish, midrange board and gun.

If you are going to be moving around a lot, planes, trains, buses and ferries… I’d take only 2 boards:

If you’re a big wave charger, a gun and a board for normal waves.

If you’re not, a small wave hotdogger and a board for waves up to as big as you feel comfortable riding.

Make sure they are strong. Don’t want to break one. If you are going during the windy season; july to sept, a bit of weight will help you get over the edge and down the face on those bigger sets.

The waves in Indo generally have a bit of power, so less tail area than for at home usually.