advice needed - surfboard 4 woman

she’s a 70’s style girl

surfing windwaves, soft and mushy

she is a beginner

she weighs about 62 kg

tall 5’8

regular girl size feet

wants [to]:

  • a cruiser [Like a fat Cadillac car]

  • walk all over the board

  • learn how to nose ride

  • 7’04" was her first idea…

  • something 21-22 wide

  • floaty

  • catch plenty small shitty waves

  • a gloss coat

  • EPS + epoxy surfboard

  • it is her first ever Single fin [which fin?]

  • first ever EPS board

  • Vacuum IS an option, even with balsa…

  • What do woman like better: concave up front or belly up front, which will noseride shitty small waves better?

Any ideas or tips?


if she doesn’t want a full-on longboard…something like the Bing “Good Karma” might be groovy…

oh I clicked on this thread expecting something else…

thought you were trading a swoman for a surfboard…

I need a good woman.

He he couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

hi soulstice

what the bing karma like


not just wise wise


From the Bing website:

Bing Karma

Standard Sizes: 6’6” to 8’6”

Nose: 16 3⁄4“

Middle: 20 1⁄2 “ – 22 1⁄4”

Tail: 15“

Thickness: 2 5/8“ – 3”

           A transitional Bing from the late 1960s, the Good Karma is an egg-shaped               retro single-fin with a rounded pin tail or a diamond tail that               provides smooth gliding speed along with loose turns. Similar to               the Pintail, this board features a hard rail in the tail with soft               rails forward from the tail that gives it a retro mid-length feel.               Appropriate in medium to large waves, the Good Karma typically has               a resin tint glass job and is an essential surfboard in any quiver.</span>

…you can see lots of other pictures of these (and other awesome boards) on Icons Of Surf.