Advice on Myrtle Beach, SC/ far south NC

I’m taking a family trip up to the Myrtle Beach SC. We will be staying with my sister in Little River area and ant to Know if anyone has advice on finding waves in the area?  Cape Fear, NC looks interesting for catching swells from all directions.  Any advice welcomed. I know this is not a surf meca But is better then the Gulf Coast of Florida. 

When are you coming? The cape fear area is not good for waves. If a hurricane passes by you can find somewhere to get out of the wind (unless it is any variation of S) The downside of hurricane swells is that if they are from far away and are long period everywhere might as well be called Close-Out City. The Cape itself is not a point. There arn’t really secret spots you just need to look at a map and figure out where the wind will be best. Coming from the gulf, it will be a step up, but if you really want to get good NC, you need to go to the OBX, which are 5 hrs north.

I would head up to OBX id I had the time I have afriend in south Virginia beach that surfes there all the time. It would be great to ride a few with Ken.  

This trip i a family thing so can’t get to far afield. 

Considering your situation… your only options for anything that will be noticeably different than GC would be 2hrs south to folly or 2hrs north to wrightsville or ccarolina beaches. Aside from working around local storms… you need tropical activity to make the drive worth it.

As a Surfside Beach resident… my advice would be to keep your expectations low… and you might get a pleasant little surprise or two. =)

When are you coming?