Advice on repairing rails

Hi I’m trying to bring my dads old Len Dibbens board back to life.  Need advice on what to do with the rails, they are cracked or worn down to the weave in a lot of places.  What’s the best way to approach this? Is it best to just re reglass the whole rail? And what is the method for doing this? Thanks

I cant tell a whole lot from your picture, but I’m on my phone. I have no idea why you would reglass the whole rail, unless the whole rail was damaged, which is hard to imagine. Generally I sand the bad area, glass over with a fiberglass patch, feather the edges with sanding, and then coat with resin. I think fiberglass hawaii has a tutorial video on youtube. You can also learn a lot at Hope this helps you.

Go over to “General Discussion” and repost your pic and question there.  You’ll get all kinds of advice.  This forum is reserved for other things.  Repair, builds, tips and technique are all over at General Discussion.

Ok you made it.  Just do as Huck says.  Sand the dings, fill if necessary, laminate a piece of 4 oz. over each ding.  If the whole rail is damaged the length of the board; then yes you may want to cut a strip and run it the length of the rail.  Lowel