I was wondering if I should put the finbox and leash plug in before or after the hotcoat. I have heard people suggest both and a wondering what were the pros and cons. Also I am a novice and was wondering is it necessary to buy a polisher / sander (if so any ideas on an econimical one) or can you muddle thru with a high speed drill for sanding the hot and polishing the gloss coat- Any advice would be appreciated!. Thanks, Damon

Generally it’s done after the hot coat. There are some fin systems now that are done before the laminate. Those are pretty cool. We use those.

Unless you are using boxs set under the glass cloth ( futures, ofish’l, etc. )you set the box after the hot coat. If you don’t, you will end up with colored resin in the weave around the box or if you grind down the box you will have pieces of the box stuck in the weave. Best to wait until the weave in the cloth is covered with the hot coat…take your time.

Thanks Guys, DAmon