i need some help guys,i am building 3 beginner boards for 3 younger kids. 2 are 4’6", one is about 5’6". all have a thin build. i’m making 2 designs, a 6’6" and a 7’6". they are a nice full hybrid outline. i’m not sure what to do about cloth weight. they will all have a 6 oz. bottom. the top will will either have a 4/4, or a 6/4. the 4/4 would be good to keep it light and keep the cost down, for their parents. would a 6/4 be overkill on weight?? what about a 4 oz. deck patch with the 4/4?? any help from you pro’s???

Ted, Having repaired boards for my four children I would say go with the 6oz. Kids are hard on boards. Another consideration is width. Many of the boards made for beginners are to wide for their shoulders. The kids can’t paddle them well and end up feeling out of control. Good luck on the boards. Patrick

depends how old the kids are, id say a 4/4 would be fine if they r younger. i weigh between 140-150 and i rid emine super hard. its 4/4 and ive had it for 2 years( im talking about a shortboard by the way) it depends dj

I’m with Patrick on the width thing. Too much and they can’t carry the board either. I measure the distance between their middle knuckles and armpit and use that as kind of a guide. They are going to dent the hell out of both sides of the board from falling so I’d seriously think about going epoxy…light and strong.

I am in the same predicament as you Teddy,I lammed the bottom with 6oz(for my 8yr old daughter…) and am trying to decide on a 6/4 for the deck or just a 6oz and be done with it. Are deck patches that crucial on a kids board? Do all boards have deck patches? Should I go with a 6oz deck with 4oz patches? Ideas…opinions anyone…? Thanks…

my 5’5", 105-pound 14-y.o. daughter rides her 8’4" x 22" hybrid with 6 ounce top and bottom plus a 2/3 length 6 oz deck patch, pretty durable. Visually she is talll and skinny but she paddles away from me when I’m on my 7’10" but then I’m 230 lbs. I say go with 6 ounce, it won’t weigh that much more. Also, to surf you gotta first paddle out, next catch a wave. Make the board user friendly first, later than can get smaller boards. New surfers on whatever shapes aren’t going to rip to begin with.