Aeralite Glass

anyone know the website… i cant find it for some reason…

how is this cloth,anyone try it??

good for shortboards. crap for longboards. just my opinion though. also after you gloss it if you look at it at a certain angle you can see weave. never seen that with another glass though. i dunno. austin

The BGF cloth is a combination weave of 4oz. in one direction and 6oz. in the other. It is sold as a 5oz. weight cloth. This combo weave pattern and how it is laminated/hotcoated may have something to do with how it finishes out with polyester. I’ve done 3 boards in epoxy with it and can only say that it works great, good compromise in strength and weight. Tom S.


Teddy: About $2.25 - $2.60 retail per yard. If you call BGF they will put you in contact with your area rep or supplier. Recently I stumbled on a 100 yd. roll off E-bay for 1/2 that price. So far, it’s working out fine and the 5oz. weight is ideal for epoxy lams. Tom S.

i got a short roll of 6 oz. for longboard decks. the stuff resists epoxy for some reason. really had to work it to get it to absorb the resin. seems pretty tough once glassed though. a guy told me some other glassers had a problem with it “lifting” after lamination, like it wasn’t adhering too well. anyone else heard of this?

ive had trouble with it sticking to fish tails. it always wants to pop after i fold the laps. if you keep working it, it will eventually stick.

1st off, this sizing is designed for polyester. It might be epoxy compatible (don’t know for sure) but it is designed to wet out the glass using a styrenated resin. I would stick with a cloth primarily designed for use with epoxy if I was using epoxy and had a choice. There are a ton of different sizings available for a ton of different resins. It comes in a lot of other versions than just 5 0z. Sluggo

I’ve used it with epoxy and it workrd great. The sizing was silane/epoxy which seemed to work fine with our resins.