Affordable worldwide couriers for surfcraft ??

This isnt an industry/commercial/business kind of question because I dont sell boards, but I do occaissionally ship test boards / prototypes / gifts to various people and Im getting shafted by the couriers.... $300 Au for a bodyboard to the UK and the same ($297) for a surfboard to the US !

 Holy batshit Batman thats more expensive than the cost of the materials !

 Does anyone use a global courier who doesnt want a lung for payment ?

 What do you use for worldwide shipping?


There really is no way to get them there cheap. The way industry guys do it is to send boxes or  bigger loads and the cost evens out per board.

The cheapest way I've sent boards overseas is by getting friendly with ailine flight attendants, They have a kg limit per flight that they can use. So if you know anyone in that industry you can slip them a few bucks.

Or contact the ailines and ask for the price of unaccompanied luggage.

The problem is boards are a shitty shape to pack into containers and such so they belt you with cubic metres instead of weight.


Thanks entity, yeah Ive run into the 'cubic metre' scam.

   How about the people who use Swaybay, there must be a preferred courier who does worldwide ?

befriend freight pilots…


Pilot Freight Services


Fast and reasonable in my experience: I ship several a month overseas.

*note: You’ll want to avoid door to door service, ship to an airport and save quite a bit.

Pack and Send did a great job for reasonable price for me....

Pridmore, Packandsend are  the guys who charged me $297 for a single paipo under 1kg ! did international stuff cheaper as they are an agency for all the major couriers and or Australia Past will do within Australia for me. Slower but cheaper.

 I hope your boards are going well.

Or you can be like Deyan Neve, after Trestles last week he was charged $1300- USD

to get his boards to Europe for the next leg of the tour. Ouch.