After all the problems, first board in 35yrs, cheers Swaylocks

First off, thanks to all that replied to my questions & problems.

I haven’t done a board in over 35 yrs., when I was cutting down a couple longboards in Puerto Rico. The shame I guess, is how much those old Hobie’s would bring now (never paid more than $25 in grt. cond. in PR) Anyway, life took me away from surfing for 30 yrs. but surfing never left me and I was fortunate to re-connect five years ago. Since then I taught one of my teenage girls to surf and now that she’s at college in Charleston, SC., she’s out every swell. She has the STOKE and wanted a board made by her old man.

Any feedback, tricks, techniques you guys want to share, I’ll be happy to discuss.

Yes, I glosscoated a shortboard, still need to buff it.

Yes, I glassed it heavy 4/6 bottom 6/6 + 6 patch

Pulled up the first hull glass due to resin kicking and leaving un-adhered but wet glass.

Future Fins made it harder to glass, at least the way I did it because I couldn’t get a full run without the squeege running up the proud spots on the boxes- any help there would be great.

Now I can start on my boards, Cheers

Nice Job ALee.I can relate to you as I got out of it for many years.I just use my finger around the future boxes.You have to keep your eye on them until the resin kicks.Do you live in South Carolina? RB

Nice board Mr. Lee. 1st board in 35 years?

“It’s like you never left”

Happy holidays!

Never leaves your blood, eh ALee. Sounds to me like you’re having fun.

Do you know just how good that board is?!

WoooW! looks like youve been shaping everyday of your life!!!

Happy Surfing,


Great looking board ALee! Got me stoked even as I freeze my nuts off here in New England (visiting the folks). Big ups to all the right coasters, for that matter.

I’ll cut myself off here–sounds like you’ve got a lot of time to make up for.

Cheers, Jamie.

Yep, SC is now my home, a mere 3.5 hrs. to knee high or better. I just got back from CR. 15 days of 4-8 hrs. in the water and I almost found myself saying “it’s only shoulder high today, do I really want to go out” where upon I promptly slapped myself!

Wow ! great looking board. How many boards 30 years ago ? Also you have a nice curve to that outline. Mine looked better till I cut it out. I will try the old way of pasting a template on my cieling above my bed till I’m sure I like it. DR

“Life took me away from surfing for 30 yrs. but surfing never left me.”

Great line. Great board. I applaud the heavier glass job job on the Shorty.


thats awesome, I wish I could do that!

Hey Alee - man you still got it. you daughter should be very proud of her old man, caz that one hell of a board, the wingdings on the tail have a great line - nice touch.