Aipa sting and 6-10 roundpin

Boards 6 and 7. Sting is 6-6 pin is 6-10. Been quietly reading swaylocks for years figured it was time to contribute. I’m a pretty good craftsman by trade but my boards wouldn’t be what they are without tons and tons of research and time in the swaylocks archives.

Thanks for your time guys

…so whats the contribution? or is that now you ll help here others with their doubts?

Just here to give ideas on what has and hasn’t worked in my limited experience. Also maybe be a turd here and there and tell people to do their research…

More nice boards! Sooo… how many total have you done? If the boards posted (including the longboard) are #s 1,2 and 3, I am blown away!
Edit: I just caught the title for the longboard… still, 10 boards and you’re doing it really good.

The sting is very Ben Aipa,ish well done

Both Boards look nice. The Sting is the standout. Now how about a ride report.