Air Bubbles

I just put two layers of 6oz cloth on the top of my longboard and it came out with a few air bubbles. I would really like to remove them? How would i go about doing this? Should i grind down the bubble then place asmalle piece of cloth or fill it with resin? Thanx Devin Ganesh

Do you mean that you added glass to a board?Or are you talking a blank?

I mean that I’ve added glass and it came out with air bubbles. Is it possible to remove them? Or should i just live with the ugly things [smile] -Devin

howzit Devin, If it’s just a few bubbles I wouldn’t worry about it.Aloha, Kokua

Well its quite a few, because i was stupid and glassed the board under the sun (this is my first one). The top layer for some reason didnt get saturated and dried with bubbles in some spots. Im not too worried about looks right now i guess, im just itching to ride it [smile] (and im itching too cause i just went surfin yesterday and got sea lice) -Devin

Howzit Devin, are you sure the bubbles are from not enough resin, as I said before you will get air bubbles from to much resin also. That’s one of the tricky aspects of lamination,not enough resin= air bubbles,to much resin=air bubbles. It’s a touch that you aquire with practice. Also those bubbles could be underneath the fiberglass and that’s that. Trying to repair could turn into a real nightmare. Aloha, Kokua

Ok so i guess ill live with em them [smile] Thanx for the advice. -Devin