air compressor for vac bag?

Anybody use an aircompressor with a “vacuum generator” to do vac bagging? What do you need out of the compressor in terms of CFM and PSI to run one?

I used this one, which was on sale at the time:

with this vacuum pump.

It’s cheap, loud, and seemed to work good enough with one of the greenish vinyl (i think) bags and yellow seal tape. I ran it continuously for 8 hours or so. I’d feel better if it had more power though, the vacuum doesn’t feel very strong. I wouldn’t want to pay shipping for the beast, pick it up at the store for sure.

On a compressor, just put a hose in the inlet side, and you have a vacuum pump, no need for some venturi device for making vacuum from the outlet side. The problem is to run the compressor for several hours in a row.

To Pierre and others who know metrics,

For a compressor to be used in both blowing dust AND painting, what should the volume be? And what other tips for buying one? The archive really has archive material, old, and US sizes.

Thanks for any input.


I think you should get as much volume as you can, especially for painting if you don’t want to stop every few minutes because there is no air left in the tank. I’m not a painting specialist, but I already had to paint with a compressor that could not provide enough air to do the work without stopping from time to time. I cannot tell you what volume to use.

A compressor is something you should never go cheap on.

Single stage compressors run continuously and are not suited for board building. Maybe for a single nail gun were there is time for the pressure to build back up between each strike.

I prefere a two stage compressor with a 80 gal tank and a no less than a 7hp compressor. CFM 16 or higher should be the rating if you want to use air tools and especially for painting. For vacuum bagging you would be more than covered. A pancake or Single stage compressor will have to run the whole time you were using it as a vacuum so you would waste energy. Plus you will burn it up. So were is the savings. You want your compressor to build up air and shut off and be nice and quite. Smaller compressors will run non stop and are not good for your mental health.

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