Air Compressor recomendations

I’ve been on the look out for any kind of air compressor to add to my collection of shaping/glassing/airbrushing tools. What kind of compressor is ideal for airbrushing with a gravity fed sprayer? I know the larger the tank the better, but on a budget what is worth while to get? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

airbrush work doesnt require much pressure where as blowing foam dust off a shape does.either way, your air must be DRY AND OIL FREE. I hope you have some experience with compressed air as it can be dangerous to your health. a small comp with a 10 gal. tank is fine for home but a factory may need a rotary unit($$).

I use a Sears 4.5HP 20 Gal which does everything including sanders, wrenches, and nailers. Don’t buy those tankless airbrush compressors, they’re noisey, always on, and are about the same price as a real compressor at Harbor Freight. Airbrushing at 25-30 psi using a 20 gal tank will go a very long way before the compressor kicks back on. Use a water filter always. If you’re only airbrushing and absolutely can’t have the compressor noise, get a 5 gal air tank (Home Depot), add a regulator & filter, and fill it at a gas station. You can also use one of those 12V car tire inflators to fill it.