Air in last of Clark Blanks

Is it just me or do these last Clark blanks seam like they have more little air holes? Also the decks feel softer too.

It could be that now I am just critical because the it’s the end of the supply.

The last of Clarks blanks still sre pretty good compared to the new Walkers. Have you used any? Worm holes, wierd inconsistencies in the foam, hacked up bottom stringers, huge holes I could go on. Good peoples though.

Oh boy that’s not good news - I have not touched a walker yet. I am down to my last box of Clark and I am hoping to hold out until May.

the walkers are fine hell they are being made and cut by all x clark employees. for the most part they are pretty nice.

After shaping a few imports from Brazil and some domestic foam. I shaped a few Clarks (the last blanks) the other day and it felt like winning the lotto!

Around mid January, Clark divided up what they had left in their inventory to their best customers. Even if you where lucky enough to be on that list, you did’nt have much of a choice on what they gave you.

I have’nt seen anything unusual in that last delivery except that some of the blanks are a bit on the brown side. That is most likely because they where getting rid of everything they had and some of that inventory was pretty old.

As far as Walker is concerned, the foam is OK but the blanks tend to be heavier than Clarks and the quality of gluing could improve some. I’m sure all that will be resolved in time.

I heard throught the grapevine that Clark said the last few years the blanks, as a whole, were not as good as in the late 90s and early 00s. Could be due to the reduction of the TDI in production.

If you compare Clark’s foam in the last few years to the 2 top brands in Aust (Burford & Bennett) the Ausie foam is much whitter, tight cell structure, and they don’t seem to be as soft. They are also light and glass very well.