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Two questions. I want to paintbrush a blank before laminating. Can somebody tell me what kind of paint I can Use. For your info: After brushing I want to use epoxy resin.

I also want to know what’s the best option for laminating. I want to apply two layer on top and one layer on the bottom. I will laminate wth epoxy and glass. What’s the chance of air bubbles and how Can I remove them? Also as a last finish i will brush d.d. glassy paint cover for uv protection.

The question here is how two apply? Just the layer of glass and then the d.d. glassy paint layer straight away or that I apply an extra layer of epoxy without glass. and then spray the D.D. glassy paint.

PLease let me know, Josh

yes and yes.

there was a recent post where Herb Spizter covered his technique

for applicatione search.

search future spackle seal blank

also there are other gem posts on your topic.

Acrylic lacquer or tempera (poster paint) is what you will need for airbrushing. If your doing two layers on the deck with epoxy one trick is to roll both ends of the top layer until they meet in the middle. Then glass the bottom layer and roll the top layer back out again. Then laminate the top layer while the bottom layer is still wet. This way you can be sure both layers are saturated and this should also help prevent air bubbles. Here’s a link to someone doing the same thing.

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Now let’s break down your question…Air brush and paint brush are not the same thing but you seem to use both terms in your question. Always use a water based paint when painting on a foam blank. Acrylic paint and tempera paint are most common.

You speak of DD glassy paint…What is that? Why do you want to use it ?

Try to break down your question into smaller questions and you will get a better response.

Try a search for the following

Paint ,air brush , laminating , UV protection , Resin research ,epoxy

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