I found these photos the other day anyone know about this idea??

less water contact less friction = more speed??

The idea comes from Tom MOREY, back in the '70s.

Basically, air is supposed to be vaccuumed through the deck holes and to escape under the fiberglass “flaps”, creating an air cushion and reducing friction.

Hmmm, speed thread !

But no, I couldn’t possibly, but then again maybe just a small piece. . . .


Maybe a small canister of compressed gas pumped through the holes would really make that board hover… . . like plant the boot when in need of extreme speed ?

( I am to speed threads what Toad is to motor vehicles )

…Now I wish I still had that photo of Erle Pederson’s air vented, step-bottom jet bottom a friend of my brother had , back in 1981. Yes , I’m serious .


Bing Copland also experimented with this idea putting tubes through the board to produce a vacuum/air cushion under a huge single concave twin fin.

it is on his website under 60’s boards i belive, a white and red board.

I don’t think he had much success with it though

Ahh but i think this idea has merit… looking at this one you could see it wouldn’t hold. but say one big inlet in the front of a concave at the front… maybe concave to the tail… keep the rails straitish and round not hard say like an original malibu??? the air would just remove the friction of the water… you could also have one big air inlet put a foot over it it’d be like a brake take your foot off and go…