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Just wanted to let you guys know that we created a website that you can shape and design your own surfboard and get it shipped directly to your door. It’s so easy!!



The Surfboard Industry in constantly
evolving and the AKU/CNC technology is leading the way in custom machine
shaped surfboards. Oceans Shapes and Online Shaper is proud to be the
world first online machine custom surfboard company that ships direct to
the public.

Using your .brd file we will shape, decal, glass and
ship your board (worldwide) just the way you designed it. The process
could not be simpler.

  1. Go to www.akushaper.com and download the software.
  2. Build your board (the website has video tutorials to help you).
  3. Enter your specs and options into our website to receive your quote –See above
  4. “Add Item to Cart” to process the order
  5. Email your .brd file to mike.oceans@gmail.com
  6. Allow us to check your design and if good, sit back as we shape your design.


Hollow tubes guys