aku with mac?

just installed leopard on my g4 ibook and now i cant open aku shaper.

anybody know what i need to do now?

java maybe?

some times the porgram just craps out on macs. I have no idea why

You may want to check out what Apple has to say about Java on Leopard. Java 6 is supposed to be coming to Leopard and Aku is Java 5. Not that that should make any difference but check the Apple website to see if there are any known issues with Java and Leopard.

did the same thing myself a couple weeks ago… no more akushaper… its cool i can get you a aps3000 equivilent program that will work on your mac… just email me.

Hmmm. Not sure what I did differently than you guys but I have Leopard and everything still works fine. Not sure but maybe I reinstalled Aku Shaper again after I got Leopard.


Back when it was all Micky L…(APS3000) - I had the same question for him. He revealed that he personally uses a Mac, so there was no problem:- Oh, &%$, I can’t remember what I had to do…it was a quick download to do with “Java”…

I don’t use that Mac anymore, I got with the masses on ornery ol’ PC…but I’ll delve into it.


Yes, there are a couple issues with macs and Java. Apple compiles their own version which you can get at http://www.apple.com/java

They’re not always updated as often as Sun.

With regard to Java 5 vs 6, we strongly recommend 6 and if you’re having problems then you should upgrade your java version, but things should still work on a mac.

The version that Ferral Dave is offering up is not supported by the people who wrote it and is being distributed without permission. That version is also over a year old. Ferral Dave is putting himself at possible legal risk by distributing our software in this fashion.

Enjoy the intended free version we offer at http://www.akushaper.com


Forget the legal threats, where are those digital rail bands? I’m still flying blind when it comes to the uniformity of my rails. And how many problems did your first update cause for owners of APS3000 machines? Not to mention users of the software.

jimmy. i would like to try your free version offered on your website… i cannot get it to work on any of my macs… however i can get Shape 3d, KMS, Maxsurf, Rhino all working on my macs. mostly i use just use BOARDCAD,

when your software changed a while ago you came close to putting my business and my employees out of jobs. the version i offered to help those guys out is what i used to survive until i could get a better reliable option!

this should help anyone out too…

BoardCAD is an open source CAD-program for surfboards. With the release of version 1.0, modelling has become even easier than before. The new user interface lets the shaper design rocker, outline, and thickness of the board using 2D curves, while still having the possibility to directly edit the generated 3D surfaces as in previous releases. The result is a user-friendly system without any limitations on the design. BoardCAD can read files from aps3000, akushaper, shape3D and surfcad and exports to STEP, DXF, and STL. Since BoardCAD is written in Java it works on any platform like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

the webstart version is the simplest to get running. the link to download it is here… http://www.boardcad.org/boardcad.php

Digital Rail Bands? Can you go into more specifics? Top rail profile, is that what you’re looking for?

we have a bottom rail profile but doesn’t sounds like that’s what you want.

Sorry to be harsh on the legal threats, but we’ve spent years working hard to provide a free quality product for people to use hopefully as we’ve intended. At the same time we’re also making a living doing this, which we enjoy. Our software has been undermined many times, which isn’t surprising but what I find the most annoying are those that talk from both sides of their mouths.

You’re right, enough legal shit, tell me more about the rail bands and we’ll see what we can do.


I’ve emailed you about the rail band thing before. Here’s a link to it again.


To try and make it clearer, these angles just assist the drawer/designer in making sure the rails are uniform throughout the length of the board. The board doesn’t come off the machine with bevels for the shaper to round off like you would see if you were using an electric planer. They are just are guide to help make sure the rail will come out uniform when the board is machined.

If Aku Shaper had the option not only to show/hide these angles on every slice but the angles were live when the user changes a node or drag handle then you would have very much what I am after. Quite possibly a few others as well.

Kind Regards

Dean Bonkovich

I had to reinstall Aku shaper on my apple after installing leopard.

Now it is all good.

I had to reinstall Aku shaper on my apple after installing leopard.

Now it is all good.

i just did the same and its all good for me too…

cheers all…

yes, I remember seeing those after seeing the pictures.

Need to think further on the best way to implement something like that.

Will give it some thought. Need to think about the easiest and smoothest way to implement something like this.

If you have any ideas, I’m open. If you want the degrees to stay constant at those parts of the rail or if the distance from the rail should be constant showing the differing representative degrees.

We’ll see, will keep thinking.