Al Merrick *PIC*

Anyone have an opinion on Al Merrick’s work? I think he has the most magic designs in the industry(shortboards). If you have tried a Merrick, could you please tell me what model, and your opinion on it. I have a “Flyer”(my first C.I.) and it is the most amazing shortboard I have ever been on.

Who is this “Al Merrick” guy you’re talking about?

Wat? no stamps er harbor er stamps no harbor?

…Is that a new traction pad on that thing…Can you stand on the bottom too…??? Or is it a wrapped sandwhich…??? I need some answers…HELP ME…

slingblade- I haven’t been around swaylocks for too long but… maybe you should do a search for al merrick on the discussion forum, he’s not exactly revered around here. I hear it has something to do with cranking out thousands of machine shaped boards and putting his name on them.

The Groms were ribbing me about being too old for shaping.One of them grabbed his Al Merrick and said"Now this is a surfboard".When I told them that Al Merrick was my age they shut up pretty quick.

Please ignore posts by this individual, he is not showing any respect to the nature of this forum.

Hey…That looks like a good board! Why did they only gloss the middle?

the tail on that board looks off. it might just be me. anyone notice anything?

sorry to upset some of you…I was just stoked on a new board…and I wanted to see what your opinion on this board or others like it was…positve or negative. Please dont take it as an insult. by the way…whats up with these ghost posters? who is John P??? I did a search…1st post? Why not use your normal handle?

…It’s probably a picture distortion,Or someone was in a hurry.Al does great designs,The flyers I have dealt with were ALL built well.Herb

1st post? Wrong… Relax, you forgot to buy yourself some humor too.

Try saying my name real fast 10 times! Then slap my mother! OK,Are you smiling yet? Now, asking a bunch of people who make, or are interested in making surfboards what they think of an off the shelve name brand board and you will get oppinions that range from “bitchin” to “piece of shit”. The real question is do you like it. As Cleanlines (obviously his real name!)says, “This isn’t rocket science.” If you like it and it works for you then go for it!

I believe its plastic wrap. I found the pic from a Jap website called “Clips”. Thanks Herb…I figured that I could get a critique from some people who really know what is put into making a great board. I know Al doesnt shape each board and prob has a machine make 99.9% of them…just like most other mass produced off the rack logs…but what a great ride!

…No biggie,you got a good stick,probably built at Precision/Hourglass in Westminister.Simon does great work or Al wouldn’t have given him the contract. …RIDE THE HECK OUT OF IT!!!Herb

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