Alaia Question

Hey all,

Long time browser, first time thread starter. I just had a small question before expanding my quiver… After exchanging a few emails back and forth with a local guy concerning a Stand Up Alaia I’ve been rather interested in getting one. He says it works great, and it’s the best of both worlds. Atf first I was skeptical because I was like “Hey, wait… Aren’t alaia’s super-thin peices of wood, and aren’t SUP’s like 5” thick?" but to my surprise, he sent me pictures of him surfing it. Apparently it has something to do with the surface area and displacement, etc - I figured it’s the same reason my fat behind can ride a 4’9 without any problems. So would this be a good idea? Or should I have him shape me a ‘hullaia’ as he says that those are amazing too. I’m trying to setup a time where I can test it out, or at least take a look at it but there aren’t very many waves in my neck of the woods.

Swaylocks, what should I do?




I don’t think the guy meant a SUP board,

I think what he is refering to is that he has a board that you can “stand up” on while on the wave opposed to riding it “prone” on your stomache.

And most alaia have a displacement hull somewhere in the board

hope this helps

So does that mean that it is more like a traditional alaia where you can only stand up while surfing, and not while paddling? I was looking for something that was a middle of the road between SUPing (I know, it’s lame!) and riding more in-the-now style boards as alaias, which have proven to be really cool as of late. Any suggestions?


Yeah i pretty sure he ment a traditional alaia,

An alaia is 1/2’’ to 1’’ thick and up to 16’’ wide, so theres not much float even to paddle them on your stomache.

Out in the line up sitting on one you are up to your neck in the water.

Hope this clears things up a bit

Yes I second that. A normal alaia floats but does not float you to any significant degree. Or maybe he is talking about this…

Guaranteed to make you friends in the lineup. ; )

Seriously, I think the real potential of the alaia is to ride waves that normally go unridden, that inside section that is too shallow, too kelpy, etc. etc.