almost there... 2nd hotcoat question

Board #1 is almost there, but I’m now seeing that the lam was very bumpy–post hotcoat. It’s okay to spread another hotcoat on the 60 grit sanded finish, right? I was thinking I could just keep sanding, moving up in grit, but I just won’t be happy with the low spots. Here’s a picture with the fin I plan on using:


It’s going to add some extra weight, but it’s not a problem. I’ve had to do this with both my first two boards.

Just remember, your next coat is only going to be as good as the current one, in terms of ‘bumpyness’.
Fill any deep indentations and do as much sanding/smoothing out as you can now before applying the next. You want the next coat to be the finish-coat, that you can sand smooth and pollish.
So… ‘fix’ all the imperfections now, then finish with a thin coat.

Good-looking board.