alright last post before i embark

so after a long time of asking questions and contemplating shaping a board im going for it! im going for a 6’6 or so double ender, ill start with just a single fin box and then maybe add side bites in the future. anyone have any reccomendations on a blank that might be good and one i could get in santa cruz like at fiberglass supply? can you get uv epoxy resin? i have no experience glassing with epoxy are there any good hints? oh yeah, can anyone tell me how much it costs them nowadays to shape and glass a board on their own start to finish? say a walker blank and epoxy resin

thanks for any info, wish me luck ill post pics


add the sidebites while youre making it, theyll be stronger and you wont put it off forever (i FINALLY but a box in one of my eggs after 6 months or so of saying ill do it next week…and now it works better).

UV epoxy still had some setbacks from what i hear of…theyre working on it but i hear the color is off, and the whole thing is just kinda weird…id go for straight epoxy.

it should cost you around $200 or so for the epoxy, blank and most of the tools youll need.


FH in Santa Cruz has some polyurethane blanks. They also have eps blanks that are Clark knock-offs. They will be able to help you pick something that will work. They do not have, and I don’t think it is available, UV epoxy. You can, of course, use UV polyester on the polyurathane foam. Blanks are about 80 bucks, fiberglass for a 6-6 about 30, and the resin cost depends on your choice of epoxy or polyester. Maybe 25 dollars for one board. Fins and fin boxes another 30 or 40 dollars. Or, you can make your own fins with plywood and glass them on. Tool cost are a whole other ‘can of worms.’ You could do the whole thing with a hand plane, hand saw, sanding block, and sand paper if you wanted to. Mike