alternative vehicle

Repairing this gem for a friend, first one i’ve seen. Only identifiying mark other than the logo is #0003.

4’3"x14.5x17x14.75x2.75 dig the D fin.

Can’t wait to try it, considering building something similar in wood.

Either way it’s an odd little board, obviously a belly board/paipo style…or maybe menehune order?

Diff? Brewer? Any ideas?

Give us some pics and perhaps we can help you identify it.

for the body.

early transition to foam

for the body-paipo board.


what are the dimentions of the fin; base, hight? placement? -just wonderin, i got some reject blanks that i wanted to experiment with, do something fun

The base is 9" and the height/depth 6", set back from tail .75". I was considering building a few, maybe a little wider and longer overall, i really like the look of this board. I usually stand up, but these might make laying down more fun.

Still would like to know who built this one…