Aluminum foil lam.

Does anyone know what consumer grade aluminum foil is coated with and how to create a bondable surface on it w/o crinkling/wrinkling it? I want to add a layer into a lam but have not been able to create a bond, even with epoxy.

tin foil, eh?..if you want a metallic look, why not go with texalium…granted it isn’t as reflective or shiney…but it’s pretty nifty just the same.

did you sand it?

how did you test the bond?

with flex? or impact?

in metalurgy polish is often with oil…did you wipe it with acetone?

is that renyolds?

or bakers greatest?

or canadian bauxite cooperative generic foil…?


try an art store an get some silver leaf or gold leaf…?

or maybe a sign painters supply store might get you a metal leaf [foil] fix

the intended use of the ‘‘consumer grade’’ aluminium[aluminum]intended to be a release tool may be polished to a no bondinium grade on the shiny side. try glassing the dull side…?

whats the quest? making a lure?..maybe a mylar chips bag might be mo successfull {suck sess foil}…ambrose… in r&d cheap is the preffered method next to free… unless you have federal backing…

What is texalium?

I’ve used aluminum foil many times as a release barrier between various glues, paints, polyester, epoxy. As far as I can tell, only a few commercial grade contact adhesives will stick to it… and I wouldn’t consider the bond permanent.

Try this…

just an idea, if tin foil doesn’t do the job.

I saw that you can get pretty realistic “aluminium effect” facing, used instead of lead on consevatories and glass houses on the joins, it already has adhesive on on side, it comes in strips but if you contacted the fatory where it’s made, maybe they could cut a deal on a larger peice or get them to send you some “free samples” to test. Could be worth some R&D with.

also how about mixing metalic powderwith resin, or putting it down first, similar to highly lacquared guitar finishes,

Or find 10’000 squre ft of space and spend enough money to buy a third world country and get one of those machines turning out carbon fibre shells and in a chrome finish.

interested in the results

I’ve been playing with some texalium recently, not on a board, and it looks great.

When it arrived I unwrapped my small roll and it uncoiled like a spring.

So just a word of warning to those thinking of using it. It’s really, really stiff and doesn’t drape well at all, so if you decide to use some on a board stick to inlays only.

Wildy, what gauge/thickness did you use. Was it prepreg, adhesive backed, scrim backed or what?

Does it form in all directions? If I were to vac it down would that do the trick for conformability??

I had the big idea to do the same with gold leaf: the kind you buy in art stores that’s used for gold leafing mostly wood.

On my experimental piece, it let go of the foam, but seemed to bond ok to the resin/cloth combination. But with gold leaf, forget about getting it flat. Wrinkles are part of the deal.

How 'bout an aluminum board? Doug


It sounds like you are only going to be doing a small part of the board to appear as aluminum. I would, therefore, go with the suggestion above and check out an artstore or autobody shop for leaf. The leaf on cars and bikes is placed on the surface, but you could clear it for protection. In the past, I have had good results with craftshop sparkle dust in the larger sizes. It was placed under the cloth but moved around when the resin was applied. A bit like a resin swirl. As pointed out,Texalium is difficult to lam especially at the rails, nose, and tail but results in a unique appearance.

On a somewhat similar topic: Does anyone remember or have a reference to someone who was experimenting with aluminum boards? Recently made a couple of small models but would like to try one on a larger scale. Yes, I have checked the archives Thanks Patrick

Hey Aquafiend,

The stuff I bought was 3K 5.82oz/163g 0.008" Thick 50" wide. From what I learned it’s 2x2 twill fiberglass coated with aluminum, which is probably why it’s so stiff.

It’s not prepreg or backed with anything and I haven’t seen it in any other weight or style. Because it’s twill it will conform to a point but is still stiff even when wetted out.

Personally I think you would have trouble wrapping rails, and although vacuum will hold it down, you would have a hard time getting it to stay there long enough to bag it.

Before jumping in the deep end I would do a few tests for yourself.


I think I saw an article on Dick Van Stralen experimenting with aluminium boards on the gold coast quite a few years ago.

I don’t know of any others, but maybe someone else does.

Thanks Wildy,

Haven’t found much yet, however, your reference to Van Straalen lead me to the following collection.

Some very interesting pictures of some old classics.

Thanks Patrick

Harbour has been offering the Texalium on the deck as an option for some time now. Here’s a picture. If you see this board, a 7’8" Spherical Revolver, please contact the shop because it was recently stolen… (hmm…having trouble with the photo upload. hope you guys can see it)

can you say fishing lure?

Combination surfboard lightning rod. What a rush.