am i a mal rider now ???!!!!


i turned 49 today !!


and happy birthday to josh [aka ‘kickten’] who turns 19 on the 17th

and hicksy

and balsa

who ELSE here was a january birth ?




  i turned 49 today !!





and happy birthday to josh [aka 'kickten'] who turns 19 on the 17th 


  and hicksy 


  and balsa 


  who ELSE here was a january birth ?

[/quote] Nah, you have another 10-15 years before you become a mal rider. 

Happy Birthday, Ben.   Mike

thanks for the encouragement mike !

do you at ? 55? ride a mal ever ?

or are you still on short[ish] boards ?



“HAPPY NEW YEAR” , happy surfing !!!


I'm a youngster at 51!  Mostly just ride keeled fishes when it's small and a 7-0 and my new7-4 when I need a bit more paddling speed.  I have a beautiful mal under my deck waiting for that day, the day we all must face if we live long enough, when we HAVE to ride a mal.

I will say I rode a mal soley for a solid year in 92-93.  I studied the Bruce Brown films like Slippery When Wet, etc.  Tried to learn to cross step to the nose and back. It aint easy. I have never caught more waves.  It feels SOOOO fricken good to be perfectly trimmed on a 9-0!! The art of longboarding is beautiful.  Around here it's the kids who are studying the art of longboarding.  The older guys use them because they can't do it anymore on a shorter board. That's how I see it in my neighborhood, anyway. 

Hope you got some waves for your B Day.   Mike


yep today was headhigh


and 40 degrees C [that’s over 100 fahrenheit



i like longboarding AND shortboarding …different tools for different conditions …summer here is usually FLAAAAT !d

the real definition of mal ,

though many believe it is short for malibu

 is actually malevolent.

you will never be a malevolent rider

no matter what age or choice of vehicle 

you may choose to stride the aqueous membrane of planet.


fourty nine is just a starry memory to a survivor twice that age

riding a challenge  vehicle is the spice of life…


tlounging in a camp chair after dinner, I work up the nerve to ask Lunchmeat (a.k.a. Scott Ferguson) how he got his name. “Well,” he starts out, “the true story isn’t as interesting as some of the others” then he launches into a tale dating back to his days as a teenage Santa Cruz surf rat in the early '60s. After he managed to spill a can of resin over a stack of wetsuits at the surf shop where he hung out, the owner yelled at him: “You’re a ham! No you’re lunchmeat!” And it stuck.


**Surfing is our gift....**
** **
**choosing a challenge ride**
** **
** **
is an inspired modal
embrace the inspiration...
** **
for every birthday...


Lunchmeat turned 64 he rides a sheetfoam paipo

at pokamoi…that’s also known as Kalihiwai,site of the tidal wave legend

of kauai where the guy ran back to his house to get his money

and rode a house wall  board to safety…

lunch meat was the new years baby.


capricorn is the sea goat

happy birth day capricorns

may your capriciousness

blossom fullblown into an

early spring of the love of life.

or in the case of the southern hemispere,

mid summer …


Today is my 60th birthday. If it was three days earlier, I would have been born in the 1940s. At least I can say I was born in the '50s (just barely). I still ride just about anything from a 6’3 on up. I got back into ‘mals’ when I was in my 30s. If you live on the East Coast (USA) you must be versatile.

Happy birthday to Ben and Sammy.

Ben, enjoy the last year of your youth. Unfortunately, when you turn 50 next year, you'll have to do adult things like get a job, start saving for retirement, etc. Sammy already knows about this, maybe he has some advice. I'm in between you guys, and still trying to figure out what I'm gonna do when I grow up. I do have a job, but people tell me it's not a ''real'' one because I wear flip-flops to work. It's just too fun being a kid to give it up.



Pfffffffff… Grommet…


Happy birthday, Ben, sorry I didn’t see this thread before. And thanks for wishing my birthday with anticipation, too. Happy birthday, Sammy, Hicsy, everybody…

Ride that which is fun…kinda sad watching guys (old or young) paddle out on tiny boards and never gettin a wave…and proud of the myth that they are riding a short board. There are no rules.


Happy Birthday Ben and to you in anticipation Guilham…from what I gather from your posts Ben you are still an enthusiastic grommet with a zest to try anything . And I’m sure this will continue when you cross over and join us on the other side of 50 .I am off to Morroco with my 7’6’’ Vaqueros tomorrow where its its’’ big and grunty’'.The Butterflies are fluttering and i hope we get back in one piece . I feel like thirteen again



Have a nice trip, Danny!


Any chance you drop by when coming back?


Happy new year!

Not this time, flying straight there . But hoping to get your way around Easter .

all the best mate


Happy birthday ben!!.

The last few weeks we've had small windswell, and i mean small. I got a new board, a 6'6'' "fish style" board, but i have been envious of my mate on his longboard. If it was swell, not windswell, it would be ok, but its just gutless. I would definately like a mal for summer here, when we get these flat spells. I have a 7'10'' that i use as a longboard, and it goes great in the tiny windswell, but its not like a 9'er, and trimming on one of those babies is such a sweet feeling!.



Happy birthday Ben.

I am sure that whatever you are riding; you’ll be having fun on it; and that is what counts, right?

All the best Ben!


I hope you are a mal rider from time to time, it’s loads of fun, especially when you get this noseriding thing under control…



Happy Birthday Ben!

I’ll be 52 later this year, and Bernie is a year and a half from getting his senior citizen discount. 

Don’t worry about the mal, we all have one. It’s part of a good quiver, and essential for really small gutless waves, or crowd control. You can do what I’m doing now and ride a longer single fin round pin. Not a longboard, not a short board, it’s a long short board and perfect for the crowded smaller surf.

thanks heaps for the replies guys [i started something posting this thread eh?]

some good centiments in the comments



welcome back mate !

love the cliff jumping shot of you , ya wildman you !

once a grommet ALWAYS a grommet huh ?

cheers and happy new year to you all...

now i'm off to snort more resin i mean ... make some more of these addictive fin panels 

catchya !


Happy Birthday Chip...I'll be 55 in two weeks.  Age is just a number.  Ride whatever's fun.   I'm stoked that I can still ride anything from a 6 ft. fish on up to a 9'0'' longboard.  Stay stoked!!

I dont jump from cliffs

My pal Lunchmeats does.


I am born of the sign of the lion

heights are not my forte

lunchmeats was o’ the sign seagoat

he jumps very well…at 64…