Am I a pro now????,,,ya right!

MOMA = Museum Of Modern Art

I agree with swayKook, that board should retail for at least $600.00. You definitely need to pump your prices up.

Congrats Ken! Beautiful work!

…congrats Kensurf,

-I think you re right selling the first boards not so expensive, and see what s the reaction. The key is find a fine retailer and that s not easy.


-Swaykook, so 5 hours to build a board huh?

I tell ya that there s no way to build a fine board included glass ons and build the fins, real color work, gloss or speed finish, and a complicated custom shape (handshaped) in that few hours, so feeling lucky if you earn those $125

if you buy a caddilac for 50$

you drive to the desert to

spin doughnuts on the

hard pan till it overheats

and dies like a wild pinto pony.

If you pay 50,000$


for an artpiece you really

take care of it … well.




…$751.50 Members

Elliptical Table

Affectionately nicknamed the "surfboard table," this long, low oval Elliptical Table from Charles and Ray Eames makes a dramatic centerpiece for a living area. Reissued in 1994 by Herman Miller®, it is made of seven-ply Baltic birch core with a high-pressure laminate top on a zinc-plated wire base.


museum of contemporary art

los angeles


C.R. Stecyk III iPhone case: Tropical Skull


C.R. Stecyk III iPhone case: Tropical Skull

Tropical Skull iPhone slider case by C.R. Stecyk lll Curated by Arkitip for Incase


C.R. Stecyk III is a multimedia artist widely acknowledged as a major influence within the genres of graffiti and street art. He has participated in more than 300 international exhibitions and his work is included in a number of public collections. A surfboard shaped and painted by Stecyk resides in the permanent archive of the Smithsonian. He was also a writer and production designer on the Sundance award-winning documentary film Dogtown and Z-Boys

**Regular Price: 49.95**

**Members Price: 44.95**


**the smithsonian?**

E Ken, really nice board for the steal of 4.5 bills; and your cut being $ 3.5 that barely covers materials unless you get some fabulous discount from the supplier; but competition is tough these days so the boards are selling for cheap; itʻs a buyers market!!! same with real estate, great deals for buyers but low profit for sellers; youʻll eventually figure out if you want the pro status or not; personally, I think there are enough pros and china shops out there already and us backyarders should just stay put and keep doing what we are doing; hereʻs a strategy that might work better; find and sponsor some hot kids who can turn heads and sell your product; nothing like direct referrals and the kids get to try all your new designs; if I was 14 again Iʻd sign up!!! nothing like a HOT grom talking up his latest toy to his buds… I smell $ in the bank!!!

thanks guys



I guess we are all selling at the wrong shop, Haha

thank you for the compliment. hopefully see you again in the future.


yes the board was worth much more

but as Reverb posted,, times are tough and Im considered (in the grand scheam of things) a nobody.

on another note... I do occasionaly get full price when someone orders a custom.

just sold this custom order for 700, and it was still a great deal. and I made $


Not to knock your work but I do feel that the quality difference (between your and my board) would have been evident to other builders... [/quote]

You may be right.  But don't be too hard on yourself - with the little time you spend per board, you couldn't expect to match Ken's quality LOL.



I do get deals from my suppliers, thank you Brad and Larry!


I had a hot grom semi sponsored at one time, he paid for materials to make a board. it was a learning to shape deal, I had no clue of how good he was and he was a big kid, so we went with a thick 6' quad with an extra finset in the center just in case he wanted to use as a thruster or 5 finner.

he practiced one day then went in a contest and got 2nd or third (I forgot), I thought that was great and had hi hopes for him

but then the polite complaints came " its too heavey and hard to get airs"

I explaned to him that at every step in the process he had the power to say good or change . I didnt know what he was expecting,,, but 3rd place is fantastic for surfing a board for the second time, I think...

anyway we kept in touch and off to college he went,,,, never to be heard from.

I gave another board to a young kid who was learning but his dad left it in the garage rafters with the vent closed and it popped around the tail.

remember I gave this board away ,, and the dad told me I make shit boards and I need to fix it for free,

so much for that friendship


dang Huck

I almost forgot about that board, LOL

I love the board I got from you, lots of complements!!!

still no decent surf, there was but I missed it as usual (work)


you surf it yet?

Nah, but when the west swells start stacking up in the channel, I plan to give 'er a go!

I don't think that is what Swaykook said.  I believe he was saying he did a normal shortboard in that time.  A sanded, UV short board with FCS or Futures could easily be done in that amount of time.  Obviously he wasn't referring to cutlaps,resin tint quad Pro-boxes or glass-ons.  He made the statement that he would have to charge $600 for a board like Kens'.  As for Ken's question;  " Am I a pro now???"  My answer would have to be NO.  The quality of work is equal to the quality that would come out of any Profesional factory, for sure.  But until you can make a "profit' it's not a "profession" and remains a passionate hobby.  Fantastic work Ken as always.  You just need to charge more and not compromise on your selling price.  Materials, labor, profit and overhead.  Find a cheaper source for materials and or a higher end shop.  If you have to consign, consign to a high end shop that appreciates your fine work and understands the value of it.  Don't deal with a shop who also sells Chinese imports.  High end and custom are worth the extra money and the only niche that can truly compete with the Chi-Coms. 

And the minute you say you are a pro Uncle Sam , Uncle state, Uncle county will be standing there with their hands out demanding their cut in tax, fees ,insurance and all kinds of little things to beat you out of existance !!!!!!!!!!!! Then you will have to double the price for your surfboards !!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the end it wont be fun anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Ogre----Thats for sure!   The first step down that "slppery slope" is to trademark your name brand and logo or file a DBA/Fictious name with the county.   Precisely the reason over the last fifteen or twenty years I've chosen to work out of rural locales and use a glass shop.  To avoid the Regs. 


Thank you for the reality check,, much appriciated

for the record,,,,,,,, "Im not a pro"

pro is such a big word

seeing how it get around





provisional dicktater



pro is a compliment 

if some body is soaping

up an amatuer before 

a financial waxing

almost like flattery

but perhaps a little disreputable.

You cant be sure that this 

sold board isn’t on its way to 

guangjiang right now to be molded.


It may come back with somebody

else’s signature on all the reproductions.

some guy from scandanavia ‘‘Yogi Borscht’’

has bee cruising socal for boards to copy

and sell next summer for the Boom.


you think it’s bad now

wait till next summer.

What I wanna know is who showed Ambrose how to post pictures?  I'm gonna jack that guy up!   Pros and Pics.  Hmph.

I have a Low Tech Lab shirt for Ken and Lowel. We can work out the logistics via PM.....Nice board Ken...

I got my 2nd noise complaint a few weeks ago....The dude from the City came by to check out the complaint that I was running a business and making too much noise.....guess what?

I was at work...I have a real job...The city guy talked to my wife....she told him it's a hobby...

I bought a bunch of naughty pine in the city's honor.....I'm making chairs for the rest of the year.

I love surfboards.............Stingray

give the neighbor a T shirt,,, snicker snicker