Am I a pro now????,,,ya right!

sold my first board from a real surf shop the other day

Wow! a milestone for sure


real pics

and they want another one


your board does look nice

nice ken your work is always awesome, keep it up

Nice product!  Is this the demise of a great hobby?

Im stoked, foshor

What was the sale price?


It reminds me of my first custom board.

was set at 450 plus tax

droped to 400 to set the hook

my cut was only 325


Very nice work ken, good stuff mate!.



You should sell it for more. Nice job


should have but it needed to sell

the guy was looking at a china board and had limited cash

so we took the hit to make the sale

U.S.A all the way baby

SELLOUT!   Kidding.  Your boards are beautiful Ken and you should have gotten more.  Mike

I hope the buyer is fully aware of the deal he got.

That board  vs. a China job?

No comparison.

thanks guys

yep the guy got a great deal,

the shop owner was impressed with the Probox finsets

as he's been out of town for awile and the Mrs's has been running the show

he just finnished the upstairs showroom and it has better viewing room

Im proud to say ,,my boards fit right in with the rest.

also got this pink feather weight 8 ft'r in the shop


    Howzit ken,Not only are you a pro now but it's no longer a hobby it's a job. Aloha,Kokua

hey Kokua

thats a scarry thought,,,LOL

kind of like a double edge sword

hey wait a minute…

that show room

looks like your garage!

you gotta make

$20.00 an hour

Tell em I said so.


if you are looking at china

you can get a dixcount on 

the united kingdom,I get it.

we gotta get these swaylox boards

in the gift shop at MOMA.

hey Ambrose

hope you and the Mrs's are well (and the kids also)

that wasnt the show room, that was the hitech factory ....HaHaha

what is MOMA?

show room is at Inflight surf shop, they rebuilt the upstairs,(expanded)


Nice work Ken.


$400 is far too low, I know it’s been said on here many times before and I’m sure I’ll get railed for this but what the hell. 

I think that it’s backyard guys charging so little for their boards that keeps the “pro’s” from being able to make a decent margin on their products.  I build all my boards start to finish and by the time I pay for materials and overhead on the shop it costs me about $200 for a short board.  Making $125-$150 per board just wouldn’t keep my doors open, especially considering it takes me about 5 to 6 hours to build the board.  That comes out to $25 an hour with no room for profit after I pay myself for the labor.  I would have charged $600 for a board similar to what you sold, color cut-laps, deck inlays, pinlines, and gloss and polish is some serious labor.  Not to knock your work but I do feel that the quality difference (between your and my board) would have been evident to other builders but to your average surfboard buyer it would probly be overlooked, they would have seen the price difference and gone by that alone.  I guess what I am saying is don’t sell yourself (and everyone else in the industry) short, charge the going rate for your boards and make the customer pay.   I know its hard times right now, money is tight everywhere and a sale is a sale but if you charge what is fair (market value) you and everyone else will be better off for it in the long run.  Resin, cloth and blanks aren’t getting any cheaper and the proliferation of “China boards” are truely making us specialty manufacturers, lets at least TRY to ensure we get what we deserve for our years of toil and paying dues in this toxic industry of ours.