Am I Evil…

…sick, demented, from finding the most pleasure in sanding a glassed board? So far in my board building venture through the whole shape it - glass it - sand it process this has been the most satisfying stage. I’m not sure why, but there is something about picking up the ol’ 5540 and going to town. Maybe it’s because it is the last stage before I get to ride one of my creations and the anticipation is at its peak hour. I’m as giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve at the thought of sanding out my two latest boards. Besides surfing the boards this is the part I find the most rewarding. Am I alone in the abyss or are there some other dust demons out there?

Covered in particulate matter, Tony…

I have boards you can sand whenever you get the itch… I’ll even provide beer and a hose for rinsing off after.

You are not alone, but I’m not actually on your side. But I do know a couple guys who love sanding the most. I pass my boards onto them. From what I can discern, they love the feeling of getting everything smooth.

Y’all are weird is all I can say. I love glassing most of all.

I’m with Keith:

you’re welcome to sand my boards net time I shape something, that’s one of the parts I hate the most (probably because I suck, too impatient with it)


I don’t know if don’t like it because I’m not good at it, or not good at it because I don’t like it…

I think I’m alone in saying I like the riding a surfboard part the most out of the whole thing . . .

dude I just scored a gigantor cardboard box (more on this later).

Evil? - definately not… Sick? - debatable…Demented?..highly likely…seek help!

My favorite part of sanding is when I put the sander away…glad to be done…

I’m into gloss - so I sand more than the sand coat shorties.

But, show me someone who can sand WELL and I’ll show you a talent (one of the unsung heroes in the building process)…it’s a joy running your hands over a perfectly sanded board.



You are not alone, but I’m not actually on your side. But I do know a couple guys who love sanding the most. I pass my boards onto them. From what I can discern, they love the feeling of getting everything smooth.

Y’all are weird is all I can say. I love glassing most of all.

Rachel, next time i have to glass a board, id’ gladly pay for your airfare to OZ so you can glass mine. Accomodation included. You strange girl



dude I just scored a gigantor cardboard box (more on this later).

Dude! That’s bigger than big, taller than tall. Now the power is in your hands.


I do repair, but I love the sanding. I really like feathering the edges and fairing in. Cutting through the resin just until the weave shows. Also making the rails consistent. Going through the various pads and grits until every ripple is gone. Improvising sanding tools. Work and hold it up to the light until I can’t see the beginning or the end of the repair. It’s like sculpting or massaging.

Some good music helps too.

Oooo ahhhhh.

Good times.

Dude, that’s just sick, really sick…

I am still itching from boards I sanded back in the day…

and glassing, Rachael, that’s just freaky-deaky;

I suppose you don’t wear a resperator…LOL

anyway, I have a 9 footer you both could have a go at…


PS: been there, done that

Sweet Gigantor graphic Hicksy,

Great theme song. Dead Kennedys did a good version but I still like the original best with the ominous tiki lounge sound. Classic.

You mean this theme song Ryan?

I love the sanding bit, you get to see the high and low bits and average them all out, work out how you can get it flatter next time to cut down on the sanding…

OOOHHH, getting itchy just thinking about it…and I’m starting to like it…

I’ve always loved Gigantor !!!

and I like sanding… almost as good as laminating… strange that I find shaping to be evil and glassing to be fun

Now I just need someone to clean up after me because sanding makes a giant mess and I hate cleaning …

…there’s this thing about getting it all smooth and running your hands all over it before anyone else can…

Anyone heading to San Onofre Sunday morning? Pm me I might be there



I could use a couple of you “glassing and sanding” afficianados

when we expand- (assuming of course, you love it so much that

you would work for free…)

Gigantor! I remember being part of that generation of kids that

plopped down in front of the B/W t.v. set every evening- part

of a ritual. I haven’t seen it in about 40 years and I still remember

the fricken words! Useless.

Rachel, Glassing?..GLASSING!!?

Let me sit down a second here and think about this. (Wait, I’m already sitting). You enjoy the part of surfboard building that I hate the most. I suppose it’s futile to try to understand why. You probably could be an itinerant glasser, going from garage to garage. And we Swaylockians would pay you well! Wait that doesn’t sound right.

Anyway…I’ll think about you next time I’m wheezing inside my respirator.

Personally, I enjoy putting in wood details and doing the color to make the board look unique.

We’re an interesting mix here, eh?


You are not alone! I love sanding. All the caos of the lam process is behind me and the fruit of my labor is most near realization. I probably wouldn’t like doing it for another persons boards because of the lack of personal satisfaction that comes from participating in a project from its conception. Plus by this time, I’ve started developing many idea for the next board.



That’s the one. Fantastic! You should’ve seen the grin on my face when I listened to that. That’s awesome. I’m still smiling. What a piece of pop-culture.

Loved it.

Groovy man.


I need to build my board so I can sand it.


Glad to hear I’m not alone! For myself, I believe it really is about seeing everything come together and being so close to being able to ride one of my creations. And yes, the chaos of the glassing process is behind me and visions of riding waves on one of my boards are in front of me. Now keep in mind this is without any major disasters just yet. No devastating sand through-s, hideous wheel marks, etc. and this is only doing sand coat shortys. I might feel differently if I was doing immaculately glossed show room-wall hangers. On the other hand I have had plenty of other major disasters in the shaping and glassing process. Oops, I guess this board is to thin to ride, oops, I guess drinking beer inside the shaping shack next to the rack of finished boards is a bad idea, oops I guess I shouldn’t of shot a hot coat for laminating my fins on, oops I guess its not a good idea to glass when it’s a 105 degrees outside, oops I guess epoxy really does have to be 2 to 1,… etc. yeah, the list goes on. Wow, ok I feel better now that I fessed up to some of those, lol. As of right now though, it’s the life of a dust demon for me…


You have got to try a whole board, nothing else like it. And yes, some good music is the ticket. Some Miles, Coltrane, Monk, Zeppelin, Sabbath, or the Stones will do me just fine.


That might be a possibility seeing as how I live with in walking distance from your house now. See you in the water at the cliffs.


My hats off to you. While I do enjoy glassing the second most of the whole process (I know many of are shaking your heads in disbelief as this is the exact opposite order of board building enjoyment for what I would imagine would be the majority of people) I can’t claim it my favorite just yet as a I have so much more room for improvement. The micro bubbles still haunt me! lol. But tell you what, I definitely get the biggest rush from glassing with polye resin. The adrenaline really starts to pump as I measure out the cat in the bodi bottle, the resin hits the cloth, and the squeegee or brush goes into action. Epoxy seems so tame in comparison, although I have had my moments with it as well. lol.


I’m all about the sand coat shorty’s so that might have something to do with it. Now this business about doing it well, that’s a whole other matter all on to its self…lol.


That would be an honor as I have checked out some of my cousins Plus One boards, and your work is top notch! I do agree with what Adios said about it probably not being the same as sanding one of my own boards though. However I have been thinking about ordering up a couple “step up” boards from you (only if you let me sand them of course, lol!) for when the cliffs are bombing.


An interesting mix indeed!

Covered in particulate matter, Tony.