…looking good for early/mid November.We will probably go to the big Island as well,being that Paul Mitchell is based there and my wife has some business to take care of.Looking forward to meeting I have MUCH RESPECT for you glassing knowledge.We will also be looking for retirement spots to live out our american dreams. …have a nice day,and keep building!Herb

last night I retired in this spot w/ clean sheets …a blareing telivision a blanket an a warm wife to my left I thrive on daily retirement and thats one of my favorite spots…I got the photos back an’ showed em to Jimmy …my friend an he said…I know that guy…’ " I think I know that guy"… as the pensive recolective guern crossed his face… the cosmic commonalities abound …we are connected in space an time by many common threads …looking forwards to your coincidence…ambrose

…to see the corridor of things to come,and step thru the threshold of what is timeless,ageless’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’‘’’ …to greet me, several souls that have gone before me,all that I have looked up to and none forgotten…nice wave Ambrose!!!Herb

Howzit Herb, Nov. is a good time to visit Kauai,plenty of surf of all sizes. Any idea where you might want to stay while you’re here,I can check on some vacation rentals and B&B’s for you. Aloha, Kokua

Kokua, it was nice meeting you last week and getting a peak at your shop and the sweet glass jobs you’re laying down. Thanks for taking time out out to chat. The next few days we got some clean surf on Hanapepe side. With the offshores and Hawaiian sunsets, it was like surfing inside a painting. I forgot to mention that a couple of those stickers were for Ambrose, but I can always send more if you’d like. Thanks again & see you again. Herb, I recommend Anini. It’s just an incredibly beautiful area.

Howzit Greg, It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. I should of got your Ph# on Kauai, we got a small but very ridable swell at Hanalei which you would have enjoyed, especially since you asked about any reef rights. Tell your wife the preserves are very tasty, and my roommates totally agree. I give Ambrose a couple of your stickers when I go to pick up my loot from the raffle. Take care and you’re always welcome at my little shop of horrors. Next time you come to Kauai try Oct. or Nov.,I guaranty you’ll catch a lot more swell action.I bet Burbank looks alot different after all the beauty you soaked up on Kauai. Aloha, Kokua