Amont of uv catalyst per liter???

I just got a packet of uv-catalyst powder. The amount is for 5 gallons, now my problem is I only want to mix up a little bit of resin to make some fin panels.

So I’m wondering if anyone knows how many liters is there to a US Gallon???

Is the suncure powder amount for FLUID gallons or???

How accurate do You have to be with the UV-catalyst? What happens if YOu use too little? Or too much???


Too little too much, slow kick fast kick, good boy bad boy. Accuracy is important but not too important, it depends on how big of a job your doing. You say you only need a small batch. If your only doing a small area, I’d do it in liquid catalyst. Dixie 2 oz cup= 12 drops of cat, kicks in about 10 mins, if pigment is added, it kicks in about 20 mins.

But you have enough mix for a 5 gallon mix----------take 5 ziplock bags, 1 tablespoon and a 1/4 teaspoon. Now proceed to equally distribute the contents of the can into the individual bags, Its about 1 table spoon and 4-1/4 teaspoons per bag.

Now 1 gallon equals about 5 liters, or 1 liter equals .22 gallons, or .055pts, or .0275 cups, or .01375 oz…so if you take one of your newly divided bindles of dust, and divide that again into 5 equal bags, you will have the proper mix for a liter. Take that amount of dust and cut it in 4ths, and you’ll have the mix for a cup or whatever your equalivent is (pesos and what not?)

Best thing is to mix it up in a bigger batch so you can get a fairly accurate mix ratio. As you can see, if you start to make small batches the weight thing gets out of control in a hurry. But if you put a little bit in a small batch of resin it will work, and it will kick off. One time, by mistake I might add, I blended a 1/2 gallon of UV lam resin with a 1/4 gallon of regular sanding resin…It worked fine as sanding. But I digress…good luck.


Howzit ErikG, Fiberglass hi uses 2.2 oz’s for 5 gals so you could do some math to get the right amounts of powder. One thing I wonder about is are all the different UV powders the same. In other words the UV powder F.H. uses might be a different brand and so it might use a different amount. Can you get in touch with the place you bought it from and ask them.Aloha,kokua

Hi Kokua! My brother brought me back the stuff from Foam-Ez in California. It’s supposed to be Suncure catalyst.

It came in a small ziplock bag without any label on it.

I was surprised at the small amount of powder for 5 gallons. I measured it in a small graded cup and it’s only about 20 ml (milli liters) of powder.

I’ll try and send off an email to the people at foam-ez or Surfsource to check it out.

I hope they didn’t get me wrong bag, could be that It’s only for a one gallon dose?

O well I’m gonna try it out tomorrow and see if it works

Thanks for Your help


Ok just weighed the bag that’s supposed to catalyze 5 gallons.

It weighs only half an ounce (14 grams), anyone know if this is correct???

The brand is supposed to be Suncure uvc 2000 and was picked up at Foam-Ez.


Hey Erik,

I got a 1 gallon packet from suncure

I weighed the contents on a very accurate scale and what came out of the bag was 8.4 grams. I split this into four equal 2.1 gram portions and mixed into four 32 oz (~950 mL) batches of resin. Worked fine.

I’m not sure that this clears up the confusion as you said you got 14 grams, but that doesn’t seem like enough for 5 gallons. Anyway on the suncure website, they only have 1 gallon, 10 gallon and 55 gallon amounts… 5 gallon is not mentioned. But at the very minimum, my experience shows that ~2 grams per liter should work fine.



……Now 1 gallon equals about 5 liters, or 1 liter equals .22 gallons, or .055pts, or .0275 cups, or .01375 oz……

For future reference (conversion factors):

1 gallon (U.S.) = 3.7853 liters = 3785.4 cubic-centimeters (= 231.00 cubic inches = 0.13368 cubic-feet)

1 gallon (British Imperial, Canadian) = 4.54596 liters = 4546.1 cubic-centimeters (= 277.3 cubic inches)

1 gallon (U.S.) = 0.83268 gallon (British Imperial, Canadian)


Or exactly 1243.232 = 2345 per cyndricial unit of imperical kelvins + or - 23.4/345 psg/hgtv.

Id say use more like .23 fililiter to the pound.


The reader can choose whatever accuracy he wishes from the conversion factors I listed. There should be more than enough significant figures so that even the most exacting user will be satisfied.

Personally, 1 gallon = about 5 liters is a little too “about” for me. “1 gallon = about 4 liters” would have been a lot closer to the mark (resulting in a 6 percent error instead of a 32 percent error)

(…and using 1 gallon = 4 liters is only 5 percent less accurate than 1 gallon = 5 liters if referring to a British Imperial gallon – i.e. a 14 percent error versus a 9 percent error)


“Add entire contents to 5 gallons of unsaturated polyester”

Dura Technologies

Duratec 39DUV400

I pour the entire contents onto a smooth surface ,late at night with no sunlight ,play drug dealer and split it up into 5 piles. Put each pile into a small container.( We get parts in these cool little plastic containers at work) I mix one gallon at a time. Pour the stuff in there and mix it really good. Shake it ,stir it ,ect. Let it sit over night so that all the bubbles go away. Write the date on the can. Not sure how long the pot life is but I’ve read some bad threads…I gone 3 months with out any problems. Store in a dark place. Have fun!

Sorry for reopening an old one but that is preferable to starting a new thread i think.
I am playing with UV resin and having good results, speeding up my process and getting a harder cure which makes sanding through to cloth a bit more difficult, hahaha.
One question I would appreciate some expert advice on… do you stir or shake or both?
I have Suncure 2000 and mixing at proper ratios. It says on the tub to SHAKE WELL. I tried that, twice now, and left 24 hours before using, still a load of bubbles on the top. Both with lam resin and gloss resin. Is it totally necessary to shake like mad, or will a damn good stir (and leave overnight) be sufficient?

Takes a really good jerk ,after full arm extension with adequate pull back, to shake sufficiently.

Just what I was looking for, :smiley: