Amplitude Film Festival News - Discovery Channel


Want to get your film seen and considered for production by… THE DISCOVERY
CHANNEL?  Well, then you’d better submit it to the Amplitude Film

That’s right, the top films shown at the festival will be passed
on to the development team at the discovery channel.  They have got in
touch with us to send them our premier picks from the festival in August
to look at production for their programming next year.  So, if you want
a shot at getting your film shown to a worldwide audience get over to and get your film in the running! 

It’d be great to get a few surfing and shaping films at the festival,
we’ve even had a parasailing short in recently along with one about ultra marathon runners, but we’re still scratching around
for surf movies though weirdly?!  Anyone who’s interested please don’t
hesitate to get in touch via sways or the film fest site

Thanks again to all the folks at Sways, this forum’s been an unbelievable help in my understanding of board design.