An 8' 4" or 8' 6" or some other size?

I have been interested lately about purchasing my first surfboard. I am a female with height 5’ 4.5" with weight 145 lbs. I have rented about five to six times and usually rent out an 8’6" board, usually by Bic. Since I go to school up at Cal Poly, I usually go to Pismo Beach (Also, Morro Bay in the near future) when the waves are about 3-4". I know that I want a board in the 8’ to 9’ range, since I rented a 7’4" board for about 30 minutes and turned it in for a bigger board because I disliked it so much. I am leaning towards a board by Becker Surfboards built for girls that come in the sizes 7’2" to 8’8". You can view the board that I am considering at (This link is also at the bottom of my message) It is sadly called the supermodel, but it sounds like a perfect board for me. If I were to buy this surfboard, I would go to one of their stores near me, not buy it online. The salesperson at Becker told me (on the phone) that they don’t always have every size in stock for this board all at one time. So I need help to figure out what size I should buy if I can’t physically see the board in all sizes. If this helps, I have been bodyboarding at Malibu beaches on and off for about 5 years and I am pretty comfortable in the water. I also feel that when I rent the 8’6" board, I have control of the board most of the time (give me a break, I am a beginner here). I just did not know if an 8’6" board is too long for me since it is kind of difficult to carry for me (I usually carry it on top of my head since the boards that I rent are too wide to hold in my arm). Also, I prefer not to go any larger than 8’6". I was thinking either an 8’4" or 8’6". I also plan to surf at least once a week once I get my board. If anyone can help me on this issue, I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

I’d say get as small as a board as you can. Since they’re kind of heavy for you to carry and since you’re still in college you probably have a limited amount of space for storing it. You could have a lighter board made if you wanted to. You’d probably be happy with the becker but I think it is expensive for a first board.

I’d recommend the 8’6". The extra two inches (although it might not seem like much) would only benefit your paddling and wave catching ability. My height and weight is close to yours and I feel perfectly comfortable on a 9’0". The Becker looks like a board that you can learn and progress on when you get better. Good luck!!!

Saw a young girl get a nice wave at Rincon the other day and was interested in the board as it trimmed cleanly and effortlessly. Got a better look later as I paddled by her and saw the outline and rails. Asked her who shaped it and she said Andreini. Her and her friend had gotten boards from Mark and were both stoked. I can’t recall if I asked about the length, but I belive it was in the range that you are looking for. It was a pretty pastel color if that makes a difference. I have had 3 or 4 Beckers in the past which either broke in two or delaminated over a short period. You might want to consider talking to Mark Andreini about what you want.He lives in the SLO area and according to the Swaylock’s archives is a graduate of Cal Poly. I believe the best way to get in touch with him is through the Beach House in Santa Barbara. (805) 963-3213 Roger

This might sound dumb but an 8 footer will stand straight up in the corner of your room if space is an issue.

Proneman happy holidays,Marc never went to Cal Poly or any other college. He went to school at Yaters Tech it had a very small class.Also did some special ED at B Barnfeild,M Peterson,D Haut,C Vinson.

hi…i too am about your size and weight. I surf a 9’0" and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. carrying your board and storing your board are not, or should not be the most major concerns for you, in my opinion. the ocean is where you should be happy, and you’ll be happiest when you’re on waves…which means that, as a beginner, you should buy the longest board you feel comfortable with. my favorite break requires a 1/3 mile hike, and it is true that carrying your board can be a pain in the ass. but not as much of a pain in the ass as sitting in the line up and watching all the other surfers catching waves! girls with small paddling arms (like me) benefit greatly from a longer board.