an you add a color to fiberglass resin?

Hey quick question. I am building a skimboard from wood but i want to cover it with fiberglass resin for added protection from warping in the water and also from rocks and sand. I wanted to know if it is possible to add a color to fiberglass resin? Any help is appreciated! Justin Vanderwal

Yes, there is opaque pigment and translucent tint. You can add up to about 1 ounce of color per quart of resin. You can get lousy quality colors from places like home improvement centers. Great colors from places like Fibergalss Hawaii and others. Try searching for “resin color”…on the internet…(that thing you’re on right now.)

Thanks a lot… I really didnt want to screw this board up ya know.

Hey, check out or any links from this website Great stuff there.

One layer of glass won’t give you much protection (though it’s better than nothing). Better you not skim the rocks in the first place.

Run over one fixed (rather than loose) rock and you’ll have a gash across the board, likely it will leak water into the wood, which will then absorb water and rot (turn black where the water is). BTDT.

Resin is brittle. Glass makes the composite a little stronger, but if what you want is mostly waterproofing, use floor varnish or urethane. or plain old oil-based paint. It’s cheaper and simpler to apply, color and repair.

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