Anderson Bojorquez Malibu Special?

turtle dive works well

Lee V I couldn’t agree more. If we designed boards to duck dive we’d have 6-o x 17 inch boards. We have to actually RIDE them. Kids think that duck diving is the only way to get out.

Learn to turn the board slightly on the rail before going under/. Learn to turn turtle, learn the lineup and currents. LEARN TO PADDLE CORRECTLY!!!


related to that point, we had some fairly decent surf this past sunday, clean h-oh but with a heavy east to west drift running down the beach (fairly common for our jetty set-up)

I chose to ride my 5’8 twin keel fish, I thought I might catch a wave or two and then find myself on the next jetty down the beach, but with constant steady paddling I held the peak and made it back after waves while people even on longboards would paddle out, be there for about a minute, and be gone down the beach without even catching a wave, leaving me and a few others at the peak

I kind of like those drifty days…

Yeah, I’m definitely willing to admit that I probably never gave the board enough of a chance but it just wasn’t for me.

As for duck diving, alot of the waves that we surf here are caused by local fetch and the conditions can be very crossed up and unpredictable - causing peaks to pop up and break seemingly out of nowhere. Oftentimes duck diving is the only response quick enough for me. Turtle diving may work for you but I haven’t found it to work in the conditions that I’m used to.

As to the advice to “LEARN TO PADDLE CORRECTLY”, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks. Helpful.

in those conditions i would agree these type of boards don’t work too good, unless you have riden them for years and years-remember, they were desigend in and made for, long, winding point waves,though they work wel in reef and beach breaks if conditions are right.