Anderson Bojorquez Malibu Special?

I rode my friend Kenny’s Anderson Bojorquez Malibu Special 7’2 single fin hull today and was very impressed. Nice flow, catches waves great, looks cool. Very thin nose and tail, not to thick in the middle but wide, appears to be glassed w/ volan cloth w/ lapped rails and tinted opaque resin. Not too heavy, a nice weight, less than expected given the glass / resin.

Anyone have one / ride one? How do they hold up? I know about hulls and the Malibu riders in the 70’s, one thing I liked about this board i rode today was that it worked great in not so great mid tide bowly sectiony surf…by no means a lined up point break at all.

Yesterday Kenny was surfing it well in good solid fun clean surf.

I had been kicking over the idea of getting a liddle hull, the Bojorquez seems a little more versatile than what I’ve heard about the Liddle hulls.

Comments appreciated. Thanks!

Hey Dubstar I have both and the differance is that the Bojorquez is what Steve rides is a bit flater hull upfront and thiner than most Liddles.The Liddles have more hull and have a thicker rolled deck to thin rails,but since Gregs been makin boards in Hawaii they have a more user friendly rocker.I sell both these boards,what area are you in?

Where can you get these boards?

Rob you can go direct to Liddle,, also both boards are at the Beachouse in Santa Barbara. If your in Socal I have Gregs boards . Also lists there dealers.

I have a Bojorquez but have not yet ridden it, as it is intended for longer point breaks, to which I unfortunately have limited access. I got mine from Scott Anderson directly a couple years ago when he was exhibiting at the Orlando Surf Expo. They use an opaque flat weave to laminate them. The construction would appear to be pretty rugged. Check out the resin bead on the tail surface, it looks to be about 1/8" thick. Scott does good work, he also was shaping the Con reissues. I remember at the time that Scott was sharing a booth with the ET folks who make the McTavish boards in the US and also the “Kingfish” stinger (which some folks rave about). Skip Engblom was also in the booth, he was working with Scott at the time. I remember that he was telling me about there being a Dogtown movie coming out some time in the future and he wanted to trade me a hand shaped SMA longboard skate for a Dogtown Bob Biniak model that I have. It never went down.

I also have a Morey Swizzle, which I took to Costa Rica to test out. How does it work? There was a local ex-pat who surfed it and told me that it was too thin (I have a one off demo that is thinner than the norm). He then spent the next few days trying to buy it off me for $300. Needless to say that deal did’nt go down either, but for different reasons. The Swizzle is a very “friendly” board in that it’s not hard to surf, is very durable and is fairly light for it’s size. I never tried to ride it finless, although I intend to give it a try now.

To [KirkPutnam]:

Are you still selling 4th Gear Flyer mats? Used or new? Thanks.

My friend @ Hydro-Foam just picked up a used Paul Gross hull that was really sweet. It was a bit larger than others I’ve seen though @ ~ 9’0". Not bad for $150.00… great shape, and another to concider.

Best place to get a surfmat is Dale Solomonson at

in my opinion a Liddle is more versatile-lighter and livelier.Steve likes his boards glassed a little heavier, which isn’t a bad thing especially when wanting to haul ass down the line-momentum and such.the fact is Liddle made boards for Steve for years and the Anerson is an intepretation of one of the last boards Liddle made for Steve.

hey Eastern-

where did he get the PG? is it a clear round tail? I am wondering if it might be one of my old ones(which was in good shape except for delam)which I gave to a kid-hope he didn’t sell it!!

Hey Kirk,

         Where would I find a Boroquez or a Liddle on the east coast? I've got an old g&s  

hull that works good .I’d like to get a modern one.

thanks for the info, I’m in Long Beach, NY, one of the local shops All Seasons Surf Shop (Long Beach Surf Shop) has started carrying Andersons, that’s where the Bojorquez came from, I think that may be the next thing I pick up


although hulls and point breaks are often mentioned together, Kenny was riding his Bojorquez WELL yesterday in the good surf we had, typical jetty beach break set-up, fairly clean and lined up, but with sections here and there, I think he used to ride for Bing in the 60’s / 70’s, style well suited to this board, but still no pointbreak-like wave at all…

Matt -

Check in w/ Willis @ Hydro-Foam on Santa Barbara St., right next door to Mike Jansens’ Marine repair shop. I looked at the name on the bottom and didn’t recognize it so I didn’t pay much attention to it. It did not have any delams that I saw, only a bit of sand through around the fin box, which is set forward a bit more than usual. Cool board and flex fin. The name might have been “to Ken”…?


thanks.i don’t think it’s the old board of mine i was thinking of, but probably same template-9’ roundtail, thin, round rails, very little rocker-rode mine with flex fin up around 13.5".the idea behind these boards was to take the magical 7’ roundtail and stretch it to 9’ to compete with the increasing number of longboards in the water.

Dubstar I ride my Liddles and Bojorquez in everything,There not as specialized as everybody thinks,ride with the glide.

thanks Kirk, that’s what i suspected, we just don’t see as many boards like that on the easy coast, so sometimes it takes a while to tune into something you’ve become aware of

Does anyone have any rocker measurements on these boards, either Liddle or Anderson that they can post?

I bought one of these at the Longboard House in Satellite Beach, Florida about a year ago and just never liked it at all. Wound up consigning it at my local surf shop about two months ago for half what I paid for it. My main issue with it was that the wide nose made it pretty much impossible to duck dive (which is something you are doing all the time in any kind of swell in south FL) but I also found it to be “tippy”. Too many times as I turned down the line as I dropped into a wave I found myself falling over, looking like perhaps an even bigger kook than I am. I really don’t know why this was the case - maybe I just didn’t ride it enough. It looked great and caught waves early but I found the ride too similar to my 9’0 (on which I don’t generally have the tipping issue) to warrant hanging on to. It didn’t last long on the used board rack so I hope whoever bought it is enjoying it more than I did.

Overall, I just don’t think its a good Florida board - too big to paddle out in any decent sized swell, too small to ride on the micro days that a longboard does a better job on.

that sounds nothing at all like the board I rode or the experience I had

I’m guessing he didn’t dial the fin in and was riding too far back on the tail…They do take some getting used to though…

What is up with this duck diving shit…I keep hearing guys talking about designing boards so they duck dive well. I guess I’m old fashioned; I like my boards to work coming in not going out.