Another: How is this lam done?

Would like to know how these are done?

Do I mix all at once and pour the different tints out and then squeegee?

Or pour one spot, squeegee, pour, squeegee one by one? Is it doable with epoxy resin?

Does it waste a lot of resin?


Big blobs of resin then squeegie it all off.  Yes wastes a lot of resin.  Epoxy would probably get muddie.  Have at it.  Post pictures.

Thanks. Mudd and resin waste was exactly what I am afraid of. 


Epoxy doesn’t get muddy unless you mix the color cups together before you pour. Color work always seems to use more resin.

Ok, this was beyond my skills. 

Decided to give it a try. Bottom side with turquoise/greenish dots and white background. Turned out alright.

The deck however, ended in a muddy disaster. Tried to make white dots with turquoise/green background. 

Sweet lord, looks like a 5-year-old kid with a broken arm made it. 


Oh well, hopefully I learnt something. Think  I am gonna do a turquoise hotcoat as a final crackhead touch. 

FWIW I like working with pigment in PU resin (catalyzed UV). Dosen’t mean I’m good at it! But I have learned some things over time and a bunch of boards (in backyarder years/boards).  Couple from last month or two. This 4 color inlay was done with the colored resin in 4 separate 16oz beer cups, each about 2/3’s full. Most of which was still in the cups when I finished, So, about 1/2 a quart of resin for the inlay lam. The dark blue bottom lam took a lot more resin and waste, especially to get the rails nice and opaque. The pic is pre-hotcoat


this 4 color inlay was done in one bucket probably a full quart, most rolls off the side ends up on the drip tray but that’s how it goes. Pic taken wet hotcoat

nice color work.  And the gloves on the racks are fun too!  (I use Saran Wrap myself, never thought of gloves.)


Bud, that is very good color work.       Especially the pre hotcoat four color deck.    Well done.

Even with epoxy, it’s first to the foam.  However, the different color resins can ‘top spread’ too.  I use multiple squeegies and waste a lot of resin.

Very nice colors Bud! 

This is my third board, now I know, I need to go back to simpler stuff. 

The colors got very clear at first but the color smeared on the top of each other in the end. :confused: