Another original gone.

For anyone concerned – Bear Mirandon, old San Diego surfer, died last week. A heart attack at 73, he was working in his studio, fell over dead on the floor. Two days ago his two sons, Eli and Uriah, paddled his ashes out to main peak at Blacks, (and it was big! A hard paddle out! 30 duck dives!) and spread his ashes on main peak, as was his wish. R.I.P. Bear Mirandon.

Aloha Ace,

I’m sorry to hear that.      I spoke to him about a year ago, at Bird’s Shed.     He seemed to be in a good place.      I knew him from when he was in Jr, Hi.       He became a fixture in the La Jolla surf scene.     The water men, from that era, are slipping away from us.    Me among them.

A big loss for the SD community. RIP.


Sad news indeed. I know he was spoken very highly of. Hope his sons are doin ok. 

Very sorry to hear it.

RIP Bear. 

Sorry to hear about Bear. We spoke last at Dana Point about six to eight months ago. He was selling some of his art work that day,amazing stuff. It was a chance meeting as I had never before met him face to face but had talked previously over the phone while he was in Florida selling art work. I let him know that I have a board that his brother shaped back around 76  to 78. At Dana Point we talked about hooking back up because I wanted to return the surfboard to the family. He was stoked . If anyone knows the sons I would still like them to have the board. I dont post/comment much here but check in about every other day because I love the info and nonsense (easily amused). Thanks.

I know someone who has contact with his son’s…

Let’s do it. Looked at the board, shaped in 1977 by Bear’s brother. Still in good condition. Just want it to go back to their family, free,no charge. Thanks Ace.

messages sent

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think It was nick mirandon who passed away 

still another original gone 

Hey Nick I am sort of the middle man on this. I was givin the info by a friend. He knows one of the sons. I am trying to double check. Do not want to kill anyone before their time…My friend confirmed it was Bear…

Spoke with Bear’s son Eli earlier this week. Says the family only has a couple of boards from that era. This one was from 1977.

This is the board. It is cleaner than it looks. 7’3".