Another two-part travel board

As before, huge thanks to PierreB for the initial inspiration!

6’10" travel board, colaboration with jeff from, known as Joyride here on the forum. He did the shaping (and the modeling for photos), I did… Well, pretty much everything else. :slight_smile:

And I must insert a “mea culpa” here. Forgive me, my sway-brothers, for I have sinned. I told a lie. I started a thread some time ago asking about types of plastic to use for finboxes, but what I really intended to make was this.



Build thread at,1001.0.html (you’ll have to register).

Edit: No, this is NOT a “Bi-sect ™”. No, they are NOT for sale. Personal use only. :shrug:

That’s awesome man. I’ll have to build me one of those.

Really nicely done. Looks like you solved the attachment box problem. Can you post a pic of the bolt?

Thx for putting that up.

I would really like to hear a ride report. When do you think someone will have it in the water?

Hey Schwuz,

Thats really neat man…

Looks like finbox plates in the tension inserts?

It will be interesting to hear if you can feel the join in relation to flex when riding…


Yeah, finbox plates. One of them has the threads drilled out, so it just acts as a washer.

Very clean, superb.

Board build of the month at least. Sways board of the month calendars…hmmm.

Thumbs up here.

Aw, you flatter me too much. I’m a backyard hack compared to a lot of the guys here. I just like the engineering part of it. But thanks for the kind words all the same.

You know, I couldn’t feel any flex in the first one I did, and the clamping system is much improved in this version. I think having the perfectly mated facing plates is the most important thing, followed by a really strong clamping force. I lightly sanded the facing plates, so there’s friction between them to minimize any chance of slipping laterally. The board is thick enough, and the the facing plates and boxes hefty enough that I really don’t it will flex to allow any gap to form. With the glass over the boxes, the whole thing is tied to the overall structure of the board, so I’m thinking it should act as a solid unit when assembled.

Hey Schwuz,

Backyard hack maybe, but a damn good one…!

I’m also interested in self-made boxes…yes, boxes, no porkies…so did you just jerry up a die and make a silicone mold of it? What rating PU did you use?


That would have been the easy way, woudn’t it?

I actually milled them all out of solid chunks of ABS. It would certainly be more effiecient to mill out a mold and get them injection-molded, but only if I was looking to turn out hundreds of them. For one-off boards, this will work just fine.

Hey Schwuz again…

Oh man, yeah now I can see the mill marks…looks like hard work…If you do that again, make a mold of it…a run of casts is fully in your grasp right there in the garage…

I did a short course on mold making at one point, made some dinky keyring statuettes, and I say its not rocket science. I just can’t be sure what PU would be as hard as ABS, but pouring is relatively easy…

There’s probably an obscure forum that has guys discussing mold making and casting.


Beautiful, ingenious, impressive.

Great to see you and Jeff working together. Please say hello to him for me.

Very Nice Board!

I imagine the word Bisect is a trademark & copyright etc.,

but the patent on Pope’s actual method of construction appears to have expired due to non payment of fees !

Sorry. can’t post a direct link, but if you are interested go to:

Go through the security words & search for ‘Patent Number’= 5711692

Greeny, thank you SO much for that info! You have no idea what that means to me!

Ok, that changes my disclaimer to, “if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.” :slight_smile:

Does this board get you out of paying oversize luggage fees?

Hey, no worries :slight_smile:

I’m no lawyer though, it only appears to me that it has expired, and i’m not sure what that really means.

proceed with care!



Just the fact that more than one person have patented differing styles of collapsible surfboards leads me to believe that it is only Pope’s method that is protected…

It doesn’t seem like cutting a board into two parts can be protected, only the unique method that is used to do it.

Here’s a few patents cited within United States Patent 7347755 (Katzfey, L)

3137873 June, 1964Garrolini
3287754Collapsible surfboardNovember, 1966Price et al.
3409920Sectionalized surfboardNovember, 1968Brownley
4807549Collapsable elongated articles including sailboards and the likeFebruary, 1989Rhodes et al.
5476403Adjustable surfboardDecember, 1995Hsia
5711692Sectionalized surfboardJanuary, 1998Pope
7029350Sectionalized surfboardApril, 2006Katzfey

Popes patent is even acknowledged, yet the patent was still granted.

Popes application itself cites earlier patents that utilise different joining methods.

Design your own system that is different enough, and you should be fine.

My point was that the patent protecting Pope’s method appears to have expired.

Which COULD indicate that this method can now be freely used.

I really don’t know enough about it to say one way or the other.

It would be very informative if anyone else does know more about this.



Still marveling over your great work.

What was the thinking behind carbon rails? Seems that once you cut it in halve, most of the advantage of carbon is gone. My carbon railed longboards were great, but damage was hard to repair and those damned things get too hot to even touch in the summer. Which I assume counts for some post cure. ha.


i love the engineering you have done for this, totally didnt pick this was what your up too.

Now i definately want one.

You should sell these man!

Yeah Greeny, I completely agree with you!

But even if it was still in force, I think its ok anyway… i’m not a lawyer either though… :slight_smile:

Pope’s definitely done a good job of spreading the message/rumor that he’s got exclusivity!