another volan question

im ready to purchas the glass for my 2nd volan board…i just love the way volan looks at dawn and dusk that cokebottle color is irreplaceable… .doing a 9.9w .to a 9.4 …i can only get 8.9oz and 3.7oz…shoud i do the whole thing in 9oz or do the bottom in 9oz and do the top in 4oz patch with 9 oz deck…should i roll the deck patch over the rail to inhance the darker rail band…or cut patch to first bottom cut lap? should i use a roller to get bubbles out?last one i glasses looked like it had “unfilled or over squgeed glass” and pin holes?ended up with 2 thick a hot coat…whats todays standard issue volan setup? thanks

9 bottom / 9 deck + 4 patch should look good. i love the look of a deck patch with volan…i think it helps to accentuate that volan green hue even better by showing more contrast than just at the rails. also, i’d cut the deck patch to be flush with the lap from the bottom rather than having it wrap over it. i like the rails to be continuous and flowing…a different hue at the deck patch would really funk up the feng shui. volan can be tough to saturate. work it through as best you can and make sure it’s all adequately wetted out before you start pulling off all the excess. if you think a roller might help you accomplish this, then by all means use it. and have a little extra resin on hand in case you find a spot or two that needs some touch-up.

thanks soul…could you run the deck patch first overlap the bottom onto the deck like a inch and then run the top rap over to the bottom…=two tone volan rail?would you run the laminating coat as thined as possible?why no 6 oz volan?

you could wrap the patch around the rails, but i prefer not to…i just think it looks better when the patch is cut to the inside of the lap. i like to thin my resin a bit so it runs more smoothly, but not too much. if you’ve got access 6-oz volan, use it…but you said you could only get 4 and 9.





Do not over lap the deck patch with the bottom’s lap. It will look very strange and out of place. Remmeber, wherever volan overlaps you will get a darker color and see the edge. Very sloppy.

Personally I would go 9oz on bottom, 9oz on deck, and then a 9oz patch. I find that when using drastically different weighted volan cloth, when overlayed, can kind of dilute the natural tranparency of the volan treatment. So it looks more opaqe rather than that nice glowing geen hue.

It’s really all squeegee technique to get proper saturation. You dont’ want to press to hard when moving the resin around, nor do you want to leave to much. I find that when pressing to hard, you are pulling to much resn out and this leads to the pin holes and pour saturation. Just smooth even pressure with the squeegee and make sure you have enough resin on the cloth to full saturate.

No real standard exists. I suppose you could say that most Volan lay-ups tends to run the heavier wieghts, 7oz - 10oz.

Check this link to Greg Hunt’s site. Excellent work and there are a bunch of pics of deck patches.


I’ve seen a old 60s board that had the deck patch cut to look like the top of a heart. I’ve been told never cut the deck patch strate across the board as this could cause the glass to cut into board so the heart shape did the job and also looked cool.

yeah, i usually see a triangle cut on the top and bottom of the deck batch…but i think i was going to go for the heart shape on my next board. it looks really slick. i was browsing around the boards online that Surf Garage has in stock and they’ve got a bunch of longboards with some good-lookin’ glass work.

check out the hobie alter series 3 here:

and i also really dig the deck patch style from Surfboards Makaha:

My original Greek had a flower-shaped knee-patch. Unfortunately, I have no more photos showing it… It was very classy, anyway…

This glass schedule looks pretty good…9 Oz. Volan bottomwith cut laps…3/4 length 9 Oz. Volan Deck patch cut with a radius up front covered by six oz. silene free lapped.By using silene the green deck patch really jumps out.It also eliminates the somewhat tricky cut lap on the bottom.Finish with back to back black and white pins and gloss.If you use a fat white pin next to the volan it will make the green color stand out even more. RB (in the old days a deck patch was actually a third layer of glass)

check out the archives under board photos-rocket 88 has, if i recall, a pretty good example of volan glass with a volan deck patch…

hey cleanlines,

We normally use an 8oz bottom with 6*6 deck with an 8oz volan deck patch. The final 6 wrap is clear E glass and takes awaythe pain of an extra set of cut laps. Almost all of our color job boards have the final wrap with clear E glass.

Austin S.

THat’s even better Austin.I just figured da boys might have a tough time wetting out three layers.I like your videos.A drop of green tint kinda helps the volan jump out more.Do they still make the old flat weave volan?Most of what I had was more of a semi twist type deal. RB

Thanks cleanlines. Fiberglass supply still sells flat weave. Its tough to get to wrap rails i do believe. I use plain weave for my boards now. Wetting out 3 layers of glass is tough especially with three heavy weave weights.

Austin S.

Sometimes it’s better to wet the glass out the old way.Instead of using the “drip” method you flip the laps up and wet them out on the flat surface and then flip em down and tuck the laps.It saves a lot of resin.It works best for cutlaps…if freelapping it can give you a ragged stringy lap. RB