Any glass shops in charleston south carolina

May be moving to charleston sc in the spring and was wondering if there are any glass shops down that way that would let me use their shaping bay if they glass my boards. Im no hack ive worked in a few factories so i know how to clean up after my self. if any one can point me in the right direction that would be great.



no glass shops but a lot of guys building boards in their garages!

Dynamic Glass is in Myrtle Beach and he comes through Charleston at least once a month to provide service to his clients.

Excuse me…but isn’t Cleanlines - R. Brucker - in So. Carolina - Georgia… ???

Couldn’t do any better than that for glassing…

No Brainer.

Maybe it’s Georgia…who cares…worth the trip…it’s a nice drive through the old south…

P.M. him and get hooked up

Looks like I will be down there in april if all goes well. Thanks for the info I will give jamie a call, didn’t know he did pick up down there.