Any Hawaii Swaylockers wanna help out a first time shaper???

So im looking to shape my first board but dont wanna invest the money into buying or building a set of shaping racks and some of the basic hand tools needed to shape the board. I was wondering if anyone on these boards that live on Oahu would be willing to let me use some of these things for a couple days while I get my board going. Id be willing to pay some kind of rental fee or buy a case of some good beer or something, im just really looking to get into this first board with minimal investment, im going to buy a few of the tools myself but some of the more expensive things id rather just borrow for now.

Thanks in advance


Hey guy! It’s cheaper to buy a board!!! Forget the shaping, borrowing tools?, forget it!!!
Faster way to get in the water, get a cheap board & stay out of the way!, or go to Waikiki and get in the way!!