Any info on a 8'6" Del Cannon pintail with a flower design & a turtle on the deck.

I got this board in 1974 & still have it.

After 30 years i scraped off the slipcheck that was covering up the nose & there was a Turtle in a pink, green & white flower design up to nose as well.

It has a 10" fin & it has been through alot but still rides great.


Can you post some pictures? The more the better.

Here it is.

We might have made this board for a young (18-22 Yrs) woman in 1969-70. I seem to remember that Del had this concept of the “Flower Model” (vague memory) for woman surfers. It did actually attract some women surfers to buy Del Cannon boards designed & shaped for woman. Del had a few scrapes of cloth with flower designs. A few women liked the idea & they would pick out the cloth & sketch out a design. Del, “The Fly”, or John Neubauer would cut out the design & that would be placed under the fiber glass.  The woman I am thinking of was a regular @ San Onofre & well known with the crew @ “Old Man’s”.   This model was one of the last models we made before the San Clemente Shop was closed & Del move to Kona Hawaii to become a charter fishing boat captain. I would say the fin you have is the orginal.

Scraped off some wax & saw this ?

Whow! There you go!  Her name was “June” & I can just see part of her last name under the black line above the “CAN…”  Can you make out more letters?

It looks just like what you see even as hard as i try with a magnifying glass.
Looks Like < 3 > can’t tell !
Who Is June ?

I don’t know who “June” was.  Only what I posted.  She was beautiful! … (She was older than me! @ the time I was 20/21. She wasn’t much older than me.)

Could be the board number: 3  could be any digit of the 3 digit number.  Is there a number just above the nose end of the fin box?

Memories, old sweet Memories.


Here she is this morning all covered back up.

So, obviously you do NOT have a DC pintail and are posting random comments and pics here. Yawn…

The images of the Del Cannon surfboard being talked about have been removed from Swaylocks.

John S. Kent; Del Cannon “Glosser” & Dig repair craftsman of Del from 1968-1971(2) in San Clemente.