Any insight on this vintage board?

Hi, thanks in advance,

Stumbled across this on Craigslist, kid selling it had no info except the old man he bought it from said it hadn’t been ridden prior - until the kid took it out. About 7’0" and still get original single fin. The yellow is actual yellow, not sunburn. No shaper notes at all just the geometric flower-like logo which I haven’t encountered yet. Immediately reminded me of a pair of old “SKI” type boards by Aipa and Dewey Weber I’d seen online a while back. Anyway, any insight would be appreciated!


The outline looks pretty modern, while that extreme nose kick is a bit unusual. The flower is a lotus.
Nice looking board with a neat fin. That type of semi-square diamind tail was common in the early to mid 70s. I would guess the board is from that time period. How much are they asking?

One of Reno’s hyper nose kick boards from then?

I agree it’s seems transition-era; with the outline, nose rocker, and fin I figured maybe late 70’s…

I paid $200, I casually collect vintage boards - ‘casual’ because the girlfriend is about at her tolerance limit with the boards in the house and garage! Normally I don’t pick up a board that I know nothing about but this was in such good condition and a more unusual shape for me that I couldn’t resist.

Thanks for the input!

I’d say you got your money’s worth. Sorry - no idea on make/model.

That shape looks a lot like a lot of boards that wound up at Sticks and Rags in Belmar, NJ around 1970.
They were shaped by Jim and Tom Overlin out of Santa Cruz. Same nose and rails and great glasswork.

Maybe out of their shop for private label? Thats my guess. Good looking board.