Any interest in a SurferMag collection?

I apologize in advance if this should be posted in the “Surfshop” forum, but it’s not really “For Sale” yet…I have a collection of every issue of Surfer from 1987 until now with sporadic issues from before 1987.  They’ve been stacked nicely in a large wooden crate and I need the space.  If anyone knows if there’s a market for these and if so, how much I could possibly get, let me know.  There’s also random “Surfing”, “Breakout”, “Longboard” and various Aussie Surf mags thrown in there from over the years…Any help would be appreciated.

pretty sure your collections value is in the hundreds of dollars if not thousands. A collection of the issues from the 1970’s went between 700 and 2000 dollars.

Thanks…There’s SO many that it would have to be local pickup only (San Diego), so I’m hoping I can find someone local. 


Check ebay, and you’ll see that most 80s mags never sell. A few special issues might pull a few bucks.

The only mags worth money are from the 60s and 70s. With 60s being the most valuable. Note that mag values have dropped drastically in the last five years, or so. A 60s issue of Surfer that sold for $100 back in '04 would be lucky to sell for $40 today.

The only ones that have held real high are the four issues from Surfer, 1961. Those are the only four I DON’T have (dammit).

Yeah, that’s kinda what I figured…I’m not going to post issue by issue on EBay for $2-$3 (maybe) per issue…NO WAY.  :wink:

I also have a huge collection of old Surfer Magazines. Mine go from 1986 thru 2005 then I took a bit of a break from subscribing.  Can't seem to part with them.......don't think I've ever thrown out a surfing magazine.

    Howzit tenover, I used to keep all my mags but stopped buying them years ago and gave most away and kept my SJ's plus I have the first issue of longboarder with Rich Chew doing a stretch 5 on the cover. I read it then put it in a ziplock bag and some times wonder if it is worth anything. Aloha,Kokua 

Yeah, I have all my TSJ’s as well…I don’t know what I was thinking regarding all the Surfer Mags…I guess I wasn’t planning on the Internet and digital media taking over!  Damn…It’s been a good 30 years.  Think I’ll hang on to them all.  Maybe in 30 more years there will be a collectors market for “old” magazines…  Thanks for the replies.