Any one know a UK rice paper supplier

Hi everyone, is there any Swaylock users that know where I can get rice paper for logos in the UK. Preferably online.

Cheers Gazro.


Try Seabase in Newquay, they sell rice paper in A3 and A4 sheets, not sure how much it is off the top of my head, it’s good stuff and I use it all the time.

Unfortunately they don’t have a full website up yet, but phone them on 01637 875 811 or if you are in the area, their address is Seabase Limited, Seabase Ind Est, Treloggan, Newquay, Cornwall.

You can get everything else you need to build a board from them, so I hope this helps.

Be sure to ask for a price list.


Thanks Addsurf, I will give them a ring. Anyone know any where else?

its one of the only things i dont buy from seabase! as it is so expensive from them!

go into a local art shop and order it i got a roll 10m x 1m for £8.


You are right the Rice paper from Seabase is expensive, is it a local art shop you buy your rice paper from or a larger nation wide chain. I live in Newcastle, man the problems I have trying to find certain items cheaper.


I just tested this on my fin. Go to any shoe store and ask for the stuff they put into the shoes for packing. My wife did my logo using water resistant calligraphy pen onto this and it turned clear under epoxy. Remember to iron it flat first.

Cheap and plentiful.


You can get that stuff at most giftshop counters etc. You can print on it aswell if you tape it to a stiffer piece of paper. Just remember to put a bit of resin down when you lam the paper onto your boards.


i would say try newcastle art centre and order thru them i got some poscas thru them about a year ago (cheap) they should be able to tell you where to go if they cant get it, i just fould a whole bin of rolls of the stuff in a art store in the town i lived in.

Cheers Paul

I know the art shop you mean (on Westgate Road) I’ve been buying my Posca pens from then, but they have stopped getting them in and have only a select few left. The guy in the shop said people used then on their graffiti around the city and the police had been complaining to them for selling them.

So one more thing I’m going to try and have to find again. The search continues.


The stuff I’ve tried is slightly thicker but gives the same results as very thin rice paper. Because its thicker it feeds through the printer every time without tearing or screwing up, and its real rice paper so you get a better bond.

You can buy it from Seabase as someone mentioned earlier.