Any Pig advice/info please

Howdy. I am looking to do a Pig shape....10"4. I would really appreciate any info on rocker measurments and a template if anyone has something to share. I have shaped a few noserider type boards, but I think I have appreciated there are some nuances to the Pig and I would like to try and stay true to the design. I do not have a board to try and replicate, so I hope to just use my best judgement with some guidelines... I will gladly pay for any postage for a template if anyone could help. I would appreciate any advice: General dimensions to make my own template, rocker, rail , foil, fin placement, etc...  Oh, and not the least....What blank would you sugguest. Thanks in advance, Greg

Your prayers have been answered.



Thanks, I have checked that site out before. I really would like blank recommendations and rocker numbers....anything else would be nice, but thats what I am most concerned with at the moment.

10’4 is a hog.  How big are you?  

Check out the discussion section under Andreini.  If you follow his dims and still want a 10’4" the US Blanks has a 10’8"Y blank that will fit.  

Perhaps a little shorter...I weigh 190, but have been surfing bigger heavy boards for a while. Suring 2-3 days a week, 50 years old. Would you recommend I go a little shorter than my NR style boards. I am riding a 10' 0" and 10' 6" currently.  Perhaps a 10'2" ? Thanks agin

If you can handle a big board go for it. Take a 10’8 Y us blanks blue. Cut a 3-6" off the nose and then turn the blank around so that your nose becomes your tail.  Now your nose and tail rocker end numbers are almost equal. 3 1/2- 4". But the most rocker curve is back between your feet. This is where you put your wide point.  Round rails are thickest here. The rails foil out thin in the nose. The bottom is slightly rounded nose to tail. The hips are subtle. The tail kick doesn’t need to be huge. A big glass on d fin at the end of the tail. A box will crack.

This board will turn and nose ride well. It will paddle slow. It will catch waves like you are dragging a kelp forest behind you.  I love and hate pigs. Carry one on a long walk in the wind. Hot dog like a ballet dancer. Look cool. Duckdive?

I would make a big hp thruster or quad instead.  Big and light but still glassed well. Eps epoxy. 

Thanks for the info. I will check out that blank

I'm going to be shaping my first board in a few weeks under the guidance of an experienced new england shaper.

The board will be a gift for a 120lb beginner surfer. The surfer will be primarily surfing small beach and point breaks throughout New England.

The surfer and I are both interested in the classic style of surfing. Mostly trimming close to the curl, stalling and making a few turns when the wave allows it. I don't expect this to be a noserider, but it would be fun challenge for a better surfer to walk to the nose.

Is it crazy for me to think that a pig shape would be relatively easy for a beginner shaper to produce and a beginner surfer to ride? Is it a sin to make a pig shape closer to 8'6 in length with modern rails rather than 50/50 rails?

Please share opinions and some other advice on how I should tackle this shape.



A first time shaper for a first time surfer wants to try and shape one of the most difficult to get right shapes and wants to alter that shape because he does not understand all the nuances needed to get it right what could possibly go wrong? You asked for opinions your FIRST should be for youself nobody else.

In 1958-1959, Pigs in the low to mid 8 foot range were common.     In 1959, I made and rode at Windansea, a 7’ 11’’ x 20’’ balsa Pig.    So, no,  it’s not a crazy idea at all.    Frankly, you are right on target, IMO.    The classic Pigs had a crowned deck, with a soft 60/40 ‘‘modern’’ low rail.      Go for it.

Ace, this board is just as much for me as it is for a friend. I’m paying the money to learn the shaping process with an expert and I’m shaping something unusual so that I can enjoy a different feeling in our small New England waves. Would you please point out some of the nuances so that I can consider them. My vision is an 8’6-8’10, hips pulled back, 60/40 downturned rails, and a glassed on Dfin. What should be happening on the bottom of the board. I know my shaper can help me with these questions, but I came here for additional design characteristics. In the late 50’s people didn’t really have a choice, but to learn to surf on one of these shapes so I’m confident my friend can also learn to in small New England waves. What am I missing?

Thrailkill, Thanks for the response. It does sound like we are on the same page. Does crowned deck just mean that it blends into the 60/40 downturned rails? Also can you explain what the bottom should be like, flatish rocker (more in nose or tail?). Thanks, Mike


There is a ton of great info in this link that should clear up a bunch of confusion…

In my opinion and in the opinion of some others out there the Pig is not the best paddler.  With a large amount of foam behind the mid point and not under your chest it can feel like you are dragging something.  Not the end of the world and not a reason to shape a different design but something I didn’t know until I rode one.  

Have fun 


Warrior, Thank you for pointing that out. This will make me lean towards Lance Carson’s outline rather than a more extreme outline like the Bing feral pig or Dewey Weber. Lance’s pig template seems to be much more subtle than others. I will keep this in mind as to minimize the feeling of drag. Thanks again!

What you are missing is that in the late ‘50’s, Pigs were not the only board designs around.     There were pleanty of choices.    I was also riding a 9’ 10’’ pintail gun, in 1959.   Alan Nelson and Pat Curren were refining what became the modern big wave gun, in that same time frame.    Yes, the crown in the deck is how the 60/40 rail is created.    Standard thickness, on balsa timbers, was 3.25 inches.    The best ‘‘natural rocker’’  was in the 3/4th to 1 inch range.      So, before shaping, you had as much as  4 to 4.25 inches of both nose AND tail rocker.    The classic Pig had the WP at  35%,  +/-  2%, up from the tail.    The bottom had a VERY slight rail to rail arc to it.   Helpful?

Yes helpful, but a little confused by this statement:

 The best ‘‘natural rocker’’  was in the 3/4th to 1 inch range.      So, before shaping, you had as much as  4 to 4.25 inches of both nose AND tail rocker.  

Are you stating that the blanks would come with as much as 4.25 inches of nose and tail rocker and in order to achieve the desired rocker on the pig you would have to somehow get rid of all that rocker leaving approx an inch in the tail and nose? Would you please clarify? If this is what you are stating how do you get rid of rocker on a blank? Only way I can think of is buying one much longer and chopping off nose and tail. Thanks, Mike

Lets see…humm.

ACE has been shaping surfboards since I was in diapers, and Bill T has been shaping before I was a pollywog.  I’m 50 years old.  They told you not to mess with the BigPig.  But you resist, and they told you what they can on da interwebs.   Without one of them in the shaping bay, you and the NE shaper expert will have to just give it a go and see what happens.   Let the fun begin!!

I have a few Pigs hanging around here, I look at them and don’t really see anything glaring and staring differences than any other big POS 50-60’s chunk of foam…and that is what should scare you.  The subtle differences are so miniscule that it could make a almost decent board, a complete nightmare.  I think any shape from the 50-60’s is sketchy.

Not in anyway trying to stifel the creative juices, just the opposite. I want to see this Baby Hog 8’6" footer with a D fin, D rails, and what not…Bring it ON LEON!!


You da fool with the POWER TOOL!!!

Hey Resin, didn’t see a post from Bill T. Would you please copy and paste. I don’t want to overlook any comments.

I’ve been surfing a '68 Jacobs transitional hunk of junk all fall and I’ve been having as much fun as anyone in the lineup. New England is very often very so-so.

If you want to FEEL what we felt on those boards learn to FEEL the soft underbelly of the pig. If not make whatever you want. I just got out of the water today on my newest board and it has all kinds of subtle stuff going on to get the FEEL I want from my boards. And it ain’t a pig.